Better Business Awards 2021





The annual BCCTaipei Better Business Awards recognises individuals and enterprises in Taiwan for their outstanding effort in Responsible Business.

2021, we are honouring achievements in the categories of Corporate Social Responsibility, DiversitySocial Enterprise, Green Energy, Business Leader of the Year, Climate Champion and Innovation for Wellbeing.



The main objective of the Better Business Awards is to celebrate organisations and individuals that excel in different areas of responsible business. In 2021, we have expanded the awards to include more categories to give the opportunity to more organisations and individuals, to demonstrate support for areas of good business and show long-term commitment to good corporate citizenship.


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These awards are made possible by HSBC (Business Leader of the Year), Standard Chartered Bank and The British Council (Diversity), PCA Life (Innovation for Wellbeing), the British Office Taipei (Climate Champion), the UK Renewables Committee supported by RWE, CWind Taiwan, Aon, Motive, OWC and RCG. (Green Energy) and KPMG (Social Enterprise).


Special thanks to our event sponsor NIRAS!



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Better Business Awards 2021 Report





Business Leader of the Year 最佳企業領袖獎

Winner 特優: Justin Chin 陳康偉, 總裁 AstraZeneca Taiwan 臺灣阿斯特捷利康股份有限公司

Finalists 優選: Terence Ong 王德勤, Managing Director Pernod Ricard Taiwan 台灣保樂力加股份有限公司

Finalists 優選: Andrew Tseng 曾盛麟, 董事長 Grape King Bio 葡萄王生技股份有限公司


Climate Champion 最佳企業氣候行動獎

Winner 特優: Delta Electronics, Inc. 台達電子工業股份有限公司

Finalists 優選: Cathay Financial Holdings 國泰金融控股股份有限公司

Finalists 優選: Acer Inc. 宏碁股份有限公司


Corporate Social Responsibility 企業社會責任獎

Winner 特優: Cheng Loong Corporation 正隆股份有限公司

Finalists 優選: Give-Circle Co., Ltd 吉星共享股份有限公司

Finalists 優選: Standard Chartered Bank (Taiwan) 渣打國際商業銀行股份有限公司


Diversity 企業多元文化獎

Winner 特優: BNP Paribas Cardif Assurance Vie, Taiwan Branch 法國巴黎人壽台灣分公司

Finalists 優選: AstraZeneca Taiwan 臺灣阿斯特捷利康股份有限公司 

Finalists 優選: Procter & Gamble 寶僑家品股份有限公司


Green Energy 最佳再生能源獎 :

Winner 特優: Ørsted Taiwan 沃旭能源股份有限公司

Finalists 優選: Boskalis HwaChi Offshore Wind Taiwan 伯威海事工程股份有限公司

Finalists 優選: Mammoet Giant (Taiwan) Limited 台灣猛獁象佳運股份有限公司


Innovation for Wellbeing 最佳創新健康福祉獎 :

Winner 特優: Kiipo 擎寶科技股份有限公司

Finalists 優選: Leofoo Tourism Group 六福旅遊集團 

Finalists 優選: DBS Bank (Taiwan) Ltd. 星展(台灣)商業銀行股份有限公司


Social Enterprise 社會企業獎 :

Winner 特優: Taiwan Dive Center 恩瀛企業有限公司 (台灣潛水)

Finalists 優選: Story Wear (Beauterama Trading Limited) 七棵橡樹國際有限公司

Finalists 優選: Culture Art and Nature (CAN) Ltd. 甘樂文創志業股份有限公司



Social Enterprise

Winner- ZENZHOU Ltd. Social Enterprise 仁舟淨塑/仁舟社會企業

Finalist- 5% Design Action

Finalist- 環境友善種子


Green Energy

Winner- IOVTEC 國際海洋

Finalist- Smart Power Co., Ltd 德睿旭科技有限公司

Finalist- Shih An Farm 石安牧場


Business Leader of the Year

Winner- Chair of O-Bank 王道銀行, Tina Lo 駱怡君, 董事長, 王道商業銀行

Finalist- Revital Shpangental, CEO and Founder at Anemone Ventures Ltd.,

Finalist- 黃仁俊, 商品管理部副總經理 at TestRite 特力屋股份有限公司



Winner- HSBC Taiwan Limited 匯豐 (台灣) 商業銀行

Finalist- O-Bank 王道商業銀行

Finalist- PCALife Assurance Co., Ltd. 英國保誠人壽


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Winner- HSBC Taiwan Limited 匯豐 (台灣) 商業銀行

Finalist- Cheng Loong Corporation 正隆股份有限公司

Finalist- Standard Chartered Bank 渣打銀行 Taiwan



Best Innovator Award – Innovation in Healthcare

Winner: Sense Innovation

Finalists: Home Angel, Duofu Care & Service


Business Leader of the Year

Winner: Jay Chen, HENG LEONG HANG CO., LTD.

Finalists: Laura Wang, PCA Life Assurance CO. LTD.,

Revital Shpangental, Anemone Ventures LTD.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Winner: Diageo Taiwan Inc.

Finalists: Standard Chartered Bank, Kimberly-Clark Taiwan



Winner: GlaxoSmithKline Far East B.V.

Finalists: L’Oréal Taiwan, Womany Media Group


Social Enterprise

Winner: BuyNearby

Finalists: Culture Art and Nature (CAN) Ltd., Sense Innovation