UK Renewables (UKRC)





The UK Renewables Energy Committee (UKRC) is a renewable energy industry representation body under the umbrella of the British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei (BCCT). The UKRC will support the growth and proliferation of renewables in Taiwan.



Membership falls into two categories:







The UKRC is a platform for networking and collaboration among its members to build relationships across the supply chain of renewables between Taiwan and the UK , facilitate exchange, lessons learned and experiences among its members, the Taiwanese industry and the general public. The UKRC will represent its members to raise issues towards the Taiwanese government and create awareness for renewables towards industry, academia and the public. The UKRC will work closely with the British Office Taipei.







  • Tom Manning (Co-Chair)-CWind Taiwan
  • Yu-Foong Chong (Co-Chair)-RWE Renewables



Committee Members:

Ahmad Aziz - Horizon Geosciences Limited

AlbanyTam - Arup

Barrie Robertson - RWE Renewables

Benjamin Attwell - Ode Ltd Taiwan 

Chris Schraa - Mammoet Heavylift(Taiwan)Limited

Dean Coates - Specialist Marine Consultants Ltd (SMC)

Duncan Higham - Remote Medical International

Eddie Moore - Motive Offshore Group Ltd

Ernest Leung - Aon Taiwan Limited

Gary Howland - JDR Cable Systems Ltd.

James Hope - Sulmara Subsea

Jim Chen - Mott MacDonald Taiwan

Jim Chen - Lloyd's Register

Kent Fong - London Offshore Consultants (LOC Renewables)

Kimberly Cram - Macquarie

Laura Evertsen - The Renewables Consulting Group (Taiwan) Ltd.

Matt Bowden - Swire Group

Richard Freer - Bechtel

Kevin Liu - James Fisher Marine Services Limited 

Richard Burch - The British Office Taipei

Robert Bates - Miros Scotland Ltd.

Rohit Edwin - London Offshore Consultants (LOC Renewables)

Sam Dowey - Correll Services

Sarah Westenberger - Aggreko

Sean Gorman - Wood

Stephanie Ashmore - The British Office Taipei

Steven Parker - British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei

Thomas Wang - Willis Towers Watson Taiwan Limited

Tim Sawyer - Flotation Energy

Tom Whittle - Offshore Wind Consultants Taiwan Co., Ltd

Tony Lu - Seajacks UK Ltd (Taiwan Branch)

Wei Hong Liao - Willis Towers Watson Taiwan Limited

Will Feng - Ode Ltd Taiwan 



Membership in the UKRC is free of charge. Membership in the BCCT is highly encouraged. To facilitate the work of UKRC funding by members might be necessary and is encouraged.

Committee Rules and Guidelines With the exception of the above, the UKRC will follow the Rules and Guidelines for the British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei, as attached to this document. Where in doubt the Co-Chairs should confer with the BCCT CEO to find an amicable solution. The UKRC will meet once each quarter.

Co-Chairs The UKRC committee has appointed two Co-Chairs and these positions will be open for election every two years by simple majority of Full Members. Within one year the Co-Chairs together with the BCCT CEO will appoint a sponsor from the BCCT BoG.

Working Groups To facilitate renewables in Taiwan and represent the interest of all members of the UKRC, members can form working groups, who could either address issues, support campaigns, create events, publications, or engage in outreach activities on behalf of the UKRC. Two full members can call in a working group or one full member and one associate member as long as this is sponsored and overseen by one CoChair. Working Groups can run indefinitely and either be dissolved by the founding members or the Co-Chairs and BCCT CEO.