Women in Business (WiB)



The Women in Business Programme aims to raise awareness of the importance of gender diversity in the workplace in Taiwan through events and activities under four main themes: Share, Connect, Support and Celebrate.

The BCCTaipei Women in Business Committee aims to become a resource for the support, sharing, education, and research of issues for Women in Business in Taiwan. We strive to engage our members and the greater community in activities that will facilitate opportunities for women, highlight issues important to the community, and actively improve the position for women in the workplace.

  • Sharing experiences and best practices
  • Empower women in Taiwan’s workplace
  • Support women leadership in Taiwan’s workplace
  • Support women entrepreneurship in Taiwan
  • Research pay and position gap in the region
  • Surveying – members, member companies and possibly facilitate Taiwan nation-wide survey
  • Research network chambers on gender issues
  • Partner with schools for research or collaborative projects
  • Utilise members with existing research on gender issues
  • Connect with Asia-wide networks



Women in Business Forums

The British Chamber of Commerce Taipei Women in Business (WiB) Forums bring together women and diversity advocates to discuss business issues, career progression, and network building. Since 2010, the BCCTaipei WiB community has provided an excellent opportunity to meet new people, share experiences, create critical business relationships, and advance professional careers. We are pleased of how far the Chamber has progressed under the leadership of a number of exceptional individuals.

Our goal is to become a vital contributor to the development of young talent through its training courses, development workshops, and mentorship programmes, as well as a major voice in climate action and gender diversity.

Mentorship Programme

The British Chamber of Commerce Taipei is proud to launch our Women in Business Mentorship Programme. Over a six-month period, 30 women will form a dedicated support network for professional and personal development. 30 mentors and 30 mentees will be selected and paired based on what they want to achieve and meet regularly to work towards those goals.  The process will be assisted and supported by the BCCTaipei Women in Business Committee.

The mentorship programme is one way that you can take tangible steps to build greater diversity in business by connecting and supporting women as Mentors, Mentees, and Sponsors.

More about Mentorship: 



Carrie Chuang

Country Head – Taiwan

Claudine Xie

Director of Corporate Relations, Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau


Agnes Chu

Head of Permanent Recruitment

Angela Wu

Former Managing Director

Ariel Chen

Marketing & Communications Manager

Ashley Chang

Commercial Manager

Helen Wong

Managing Director

Laura Wang

Chief Executive Officer

Ruby Ho

MD&Head of Markets and Securities Services