Women in Business Forums

Women in Business Forums

The British Chamber of Commerce Taipei Women in Business (WiB) Forums bring together women and diversity advocates to discuss business issues, career progression, and network building. Since 2010, the BCCTaipei WiB community has provided an excellent opportunity to meet new people, share experiences, create critical business relationships, and advance professional careers. We are pleased of how far the Chamber has progressed under the leadership of a number of exceptional individuals.

Our goal is to become a vital contributor to the development of young talent through its training courses, development workshops, and mentorship programmes, as well as a major voice in climate action and gender diversity.



Women in Business Forum: Climate Action Taiwan

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Drawing on the success of our 'Women in the Taiwan Offshore Wind Industry' report in October 2021, BCCTaipei has launched a new project entitled 'Women in Climate Action Taiwan (2022)'. In view of the country's pledge to achieve 'Net-Zero Emissions by 2050', the forum discussed insights on the status and role of female leadership in key industries at a domestic level in relation to Taiwan's national prospects and vision for climate action.

As part of the study, a survey was conducted amongst more than 70 companies active in Taiwan from a broad spectrum of industries. In addition, a series of in-depth interviews were held with organisation representatives in senior leadership positions. The results of the study was published in a bilingual report, which also presented at this event. Our list of attendees included a number of government and industry speakers, and the event concluded with a panel discussion.  

💡Agnes Chu, Head of Permenant Recruitment, Taylor Hopkinson
💡Director General Dr Lin-yi Tsai, Office of Climate Change, Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan
💡Galatea Chao, Foxconn Chief Audit Executive and Sustainability Committee Member

🎙️Moderator: Revital Shpangental, Future Earth Director of Taipei Hub, Center for Sustainability Science, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
💡Audry Ho, Transaction Partner, EY Transaction Advisory and Services Inc.
💡Claudio Longo, Company President, AstraZeneca Taiwan
💡Laura Evertsen, Director, The Renewables Consulting Group (Taiwan)
💡Monica Liu, M.Eng, Country Manager, RWE Renewables Taiwan

Special thanks to our event Gold sponsors, Aon and NIRAS and Silver sponsor, Taylor Hopkinson | Powered by Brunel


Women in Business Luncheon - Break the Bias - Close the Equality Gap

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The past few years have challenged not just our way of life but also who we are.

Women have had much greater, public affairs, and resources in all areas in recent years, and their involvement in the workplace and at decision-making levels has greatly expanded. However, traditional views of women's roles are still widespread. For this luncheon we have invited three women business leaders to describe the steps they've taken in the workplace to combat discrimination and inequality to #BreaktheBias

It's our honour to have these three distinguished business leaders joined us for this event: (listed in alphabetical order)

  • Jennifer Kang, Head of Corporate Affairs, Brand and Marketing of Standard Chartered Taiwan
  • Kathy Chen, General Manager of Clarins Taiwan
  • Cecilia Teng, COO of Womany Network Co., Ltd.

*In the event of any conflict between the versions, the English language version shall prevail.


台北市英僑商務協會 BCCTaipei 以打破偏見(#BreaktheBias)為主題,探討如何在職場「#BreaktheBias(#打破偏見)」。


  • 女人迷 營運長 鄧鈞璟 Cecilia Teng
  • 克蘭詩台灣區總經理 陳素慧 Kathy Chen
  • 渣打銀行(台灣)公關暨行銷長 江彗萍 Jennifer Kang



Women in Business Luncheon 2022


Women in the Taiwan Offshore Wind Industry Forum

Event Website | Report (ENG) | 企業女力:臺灣氣候行動 (中文版) | Press Release (ENG) | 新聞稿 (中文)

Taiwan is a pioneer of the offshore wind industry within Asia and stands out in terms of gender equality progress. Anecdotally, it has been observed that female representation is higher in Taiwan's offshore wind sector than in other countries, especially at senior levels. The Women in Business Network and the UK Renewable Committee, collaborating under the British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei (BCCTaipei) has led a study to investigate the true representation of women in the Taiwan offshore wind industry, and to gain insights into why Taiwan is a leader in gender equality.

As part of the study, a survey was conducted amongst 38 companies active in the Taiwan offshore wind industry. In addition, several in-depth interviews were held with women in senior leadership positions. The results of the study will be published in a bilingual report, which will be presented at this event. The event will also include a number of government and industry speakers, as well as a panel discussion. 

💡Minister Wang Mei Hua; Ministry of Economic Affairs, ROC
💡Natalie Black CBE, HM Trade Commissioner (HMTC) of Asia Pacific
💡Ariel Chen, Manager, Boskalis Taiwan
💡KT Lin, Site Manager, CWind Taiwan

💡Tom Manning, General Manager, CWind Taiwan
💡Sharn Ward, Sneior Asset Director, Macquarie

🎙️Moderator: Kimberly Cram MBE, Offshore Wind Project Director
💡Christy Wang, General Manager, Orsted Taiwan
💡Claire Lohan, Chief Development Officer, Copenhagen Offshore Partners (COP)
💡Monica Liu, M.Eng, Country Manager, RWE Renewables Taiwan
💡Yuni Wang, Chairwoman, WPD Taiwan

Special thanks to our event sponsors, HSBC Taiwan and Taylor Hopkinson | Powered by Brunel

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Women in Social Enterprises

In the socially and environmentally aware society we live in today, social enterprises play a key role in our communities. Your BCCTaipei, together with KPMG have invited two speakers from two very innovative social enterprises to present to us about how their organisations use creative ways to help both the environment and the community.

Shaune Chen from Greenvines Bio presented about how they incorporate more environmentally friendly policies into their organisation and the products that they develop. And Yi Ying Tsai from Twine shared with us on how eco-conscious sourcing lessens the strain on the environment.

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Women in Finance

Judy Hsu (徐仲薇) - Regional CEO, ASEAN and South Asia of Standard Chartered Bank is in Taipei for an exclusive luncheon. Your BCCT is proud to work with Standard Chartered Bank to invite Ms. Hsu over to Taipei to share with us how gender and cultural diversity supports the continued success of international financial institutes in Taiwan and in Asia as a whole.

Judy is the Vice Chairperson of the Association of Banks in Singapore and serves on several industry and statutory bodies including The Institute of Banking and Finance, the Financial Sector Tripartite Committee and Workforce Singapore. In addition, she was appointed to the Urban and Redevelopment Authority Board with effect from 1 April 2018.

The main presentation will be conducted in Mandarin and the discussion panel will be in both English and Mandarin.

提到渣打東協與南亞區域行政總裁徐仲薇 (Judy Hsu),或許喚起不少人久違了的熟悉感。在這場難得的餐會,Judy和我們分享了她的職涯之旅、起步與重要轉捩點,這些經歷如何成就今天的她。她也將從全球性金融機構領導階層的高度,談及她的亞洲經驗,以及性別與文化的多元性,如何在國際金融機構的成功經營中,發揮正向的助力。

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Women in Business Luncheon: Enrichment through diversity with EWMD

In the wake of the global #MeToo movement, questions are being raised about the rate of progress towards increasing diversity in the workplace. How much progress has been made to include women in senior management positions and what lessons have been learnt from Europe? Our speakers will share a European perspective on mixed leadership and how the European Women’s Management Development network (EWMD) is working to help women in business. This event is one of a series of the activities arranged for the visit to Taiwan by an international delegation of 35 female managers from EWMD. The delegation will include representatives from companies such as Ernst & Young, Procter & Gamble, Union Investment Bank, TUV Rheinland, Continental, Lenovo, Thomas Cook, Union Investment Bank and others from the tourism, consumer goods, banking, investment, tax consultancy, automotive, computer, telephone, internet, relocation and pharmaceutical industries.

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Women in Business Luncheon: Joanna Cheng from Médecins Sans Frontières

Over 35,000 Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) staff work in around 70 countries providing medical humanitarian aid. And while MSF is not specifically a women's health care organization, most of their patients are women and children, as they are often the most vulnerable.

The GM of MSF in Taiwan Joanna Cheng will share stories of MSF's patients and fieldworkers, demonstrating the urgent need for care for the displaced women and girls in these troubled areas. And at the same time she will show how their individual strength and resilience shine through in the face of adversity.

This will be an amazing lunch for Women, Workers in CSR, Managers, and anyone who has ever dealt with adversity.

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Women in Business Premier Dinner: Women in Science

Your BCCT Celebrates Women's achievements in Science with four outstanding speakers sharing their unique perspectives on Breakthroughs, Achievements, Inspirations, and Leadership in their fields.

An impressive line up of Women Leaders in Science that you cannot miss.

We are very grateful to our Programme Partners Standard Chartered Bank, our Event Partners AstraZeneca Taiwan, Oxford Instruments and L'Oreal, and our Logistics Partner Crown.

There will be opening remarks from Catherine Nettleton the Representative of the British Office in Taipei and Deng Hwa Yuh Deputy Deputy General of the Department of Gender Equality.

  • Dr. Fong Pei-Chieh, Medical Director of AstraZeneca Taiwan, shares insights on Breakthroughs
  • Professor. Ma Kuo-Fong, Winner of L'Oreal's "Taiwan Outstanding Women in Science" discusses Achievements
  • Anjana Narain, General Manager of GSK (GlaxoSmithKline), talks about Inspirations
  • Dr Hsieh Yong Feng, founder of MA-Tek, gives her thoughts on Leadership

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Women In Business Premier Dinner: Is Luxury really a Women's World?

Is the Luxury industry really a Woman's world? Statistically Women are the greatest consumers of luxury products but are they really represented in the industry? Are there gender stereotypes surrounding this industry?

Your BCCT invites you to our Women in Business Premier Event where a Vogue Writer, the Head of Comms for Greater China for AllSaints, and Jet Li's publicist will share with us their stories and experiences working in different areas of the Luxury business, and try answer questions about how we can build a diverse and inclusive workplace in the Luxury sector and beyond.

The evening at the W Hotel includes a gourmet dinner, wine and a great opportunity to meet fellow professional women.

This is part of Your BCCT's Women in Business initiative to help improve the position of women in Taiwan and the workplace

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Women of the Future

Your BCCT Women in Business Committee presented a Premier Event for International Women's Day.

We bring you three industry leaders across three key industries;

  • Technology
  • Media
  • Advertising & Communications

Over dinner these inspirational speakers will share what it means to be a “Women of the Future”; their stories of work and how gender issues have played a part in both their success and the obstacles they have faced because of it.

The speakers will be followed by a lively interactive panel discussion on what makes a future leader.

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Empowering Women
The Challenges for Women Returning to the Workplace - Robert Walters

Your BCCT Women in Business Committee invites John Winter, Country Manager from Robert Walters Taiwan to share findings from their latest whitepaper on Women Returning to the Workplace. This presentation will cover:

  • The challenges faced by returning women and the benefits of hiring them
  • Various approaches to empower returning women – e.g. mentors who have same experience, refreshment programmes, flexible working hours etc.
  • Tailoring recruitment strategies to hire returning women, e.g. training hiring managers to help them better identify the potential of women who wish to re-join the workforce.

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Women’s Entrepreneurship Day - Dinner and Forum

Your BCCT Women in Business Committee and Women's Entrepreneurship Day present a Premier Dinner Event

We bring you three industry leaders across three key industries to talk about the Entrepreneur spirit in their industries:

  • Jodi Schneider - Bloomberg Hong Kong and lead of the Bloomberg News Women's Voices project and Bloomberg Women's Community in Hong Kong
  • Ann Yang – Senior Executive Officer in the Department of Gender Equality at the Executive Yuan
  • Lisa Kao – current GM of IBM Taiwan and former Asia Pacific Marketing Management team incubating professional talent

Panel Discussion moderated by Cindy Sui of the BBC.

Over dinner these inspirational speakers will share their unique perspectives on Women, gender in the workplace, what it means to be a Woman entrepreneur and what that means that means in each of their different but related industries and disciplines; their stories of work and how gender issues have played a part in both their success and the obstacles they have faced because of it.

The speakers will be followed by a lively interactive panel discussion on how to develop the entrepreneurial spirit in women.


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