CSR Award

BBA 2023

Why a Corporate Social Responsibility Award?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has many names (Sustainability, Responsibility, Corporate Communications, etc.) and is an integral part of any corporation. From the early days of Philanthropy, CSR has now become an integrated business unit vital to any corporate identity. Employees place great importance on a company’s CSR actions in their decision to work for that company.  Consumers decide on what products they will buy based on how a company is supporting the community or the world at large. Companies know that attracting the best talent - and retaining that talent - is reliant on their company having not only a great CSR programme but also on how they communicate that programme to the world. CSR is integrated into the mission of a company and is no longer seen as something “other” or additional.

This award is to recognise a company operating in Taiwan that demonstrates excellence and/or innovation in their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme. The award is not dependent on a company’s size and is open to local and/or foreign companies. The judges will consider not only the CSR programme that a company runs but also how that programme is relevant and integrated into the business as well as the benefits that it brings to the recipients, the employees, and the wider network of stakeholders.

Judging Process

Entries are assessed by our Judging Panel of leading experts in their area on the following criteria:

  • Concise summary of the company/individual including objectives and culture
  • Concise outline of the business story including achievements
  • Clearly visible initiatives undertaken which are relevant to the selected awards category
  • Evidence of the impact of these initiatives in transforming your organisation and beyond

    The Judges will be looking for an application that shows success across the following areas of CSR:

    • Mission
      • Excellent vision and strategic direction
      • Clear leadership and management of the organisation
      • The way CSR is embedded into the mission of the company 
      • The connection between CSR and the company’s core business 
    • Evaluation of impact
      • The benefits of the programme to both the recipient and to the company
      • Demonstrated measurable impact on a specific community, be it geographic or community based
        • Short term impact
        • Long-term impact 
      • Includes good quantitative and qualitative evidence
      • Utilises an evaluation process to improve its work
      • Clear evidence of one or all of social, environmental, and community impact
    • Sustainability of Programme
      • Evidence that the programme can be replicated or scaled up 
      • Evidence of the long-term sustainability of the programme internally and its impact
    • Communication and Innovation
      • How CSR is communicated throughout the company stakeholder network
      • Has communicated its impact in accessible and creative ways
      • Evidence of innovations that have been employed in any of the above processes

    BBA 2021

    *Note: In order to ensure fairness and diversity of awards, the winner of last year cannot reapply for the same award this year, but can apply for other award categories.

    If you have any questions, please email info@bcctaipei.com or dial T: +886 (2) 2720 1919 (This regulation does not apply to finalists)