2 years ago | Marketing | Taipei
Geber Branding Consulting provides complete brand strategy services, including brand positioning, corporate identity design, digital marketing, and brand management training, to refresh old brands or make new ones a hit. We combine consumer insight, international expertise, and a multi-talented team to help you build a brand image that connects with your customers. Geber understands that community is more than just another digital channel, our goal is to simplify the hard work of content creation for our clients, keep brands up to date, and support marketers or staff to attract potential customers and talent. Geber works with many well-known brands, including local and international companies in the semiconductor, Internet of Things, 5G, and AI sectors, to help them develop digital marketing strategies and run social media.
2 years ago | Marketing | Taipei
Geber is looking for an ambitious young professional in digital communications for a position as Digital Marketing Specialist. This person should be responsive, resourceful and take initiative.
2 years ago | Account, Client, Customer Management, | Management | Taipei
The ideal candidate will be able to appropriately identify the needs of both new and current customers in order to aid customers in reaching their business goals. This will be done by developing an appropriate level of communication with clients and internal team members to understand our customers' business needs and defend their interests on the ground.
2 years ago | Research | Taipei
AstraZeneca (hereinafter referred to as AZ) is a science-led international biopharmaceutical company, and its innovative drugs are used by millions of patients around the world. What AZ does not only stop at pharmaceutical research and development, but is different from other international pharmaceutical companies. It proposes the concept of beyond the pill, creating a patient centric medical journey through prevention, diagnosis, treatment, care and tracking, etc. The stage provides patients with the most complete all-round medical experience. AZ has been in Taiwan for more than 70 years. Since 1948, it has continued to commit to scientifically supporting patients in Taiwan. AZ’s innovative drugs directly target four of the top seven causes of death in Taiwan: cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and respiratory disease. AZ put patient first, and continues to deepen and innovate in the field of biomedicine and medical treatment, which is also the motivation of AZ to build a global biomedical system. AZ has three major R&D centers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Sweden, and continues to focus on the development of potential regions around the world, actively looking for countries suitable for establishing partnerships, and creating greater value for local patients and society.
阿斯特捷利康(以下簡稱AZ)是以科學為主導的生物製藥國際企業,所研發的創新藥物被全球數百萬患者使用。AZ所做的不僅止於製藥研發,而是有別於其他國際藥廠,提出Beyond the pill的概念,打造一個以病患為中心的醫療旅程,透過預防、診斷、治療、照護與追蹤等不同階段提供病人最完善的全方位醫療體驗。AZ在臺深耕超過70年。自1948年至今,持續承諾以科學支持臺灣患者,AZ的創新藥物直接針對包含臺灣前七大死因中的四項:癌症、心血管疾病、糖尿病和呼吸道疾病。AZ以病患為中心,持續不斷的在生醫與醫療領域深耕與創新,也是AZ致力於打造全球生醫生態系的願景動機。AZ在全球有美國、英國、瑞典三大研發中心,並持續關注全球各地具潛力地區的發展,積極尋找適合建立夥伴關係的國家,為在地病患與社會創造更大的價值。
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Business Development Manager/Director for a start-up Investor Relations Firm
2 years ago | Public Relations & Advertising | Taipei
Reporting to Corporate Relations Director, this role will lead critical Diageo In Society communication projects ; support on Taiwan Diageo broad corporate relations agenda and employee communication. We are looking for a passionate communication professional with strong integrated communication experience, preferably from corporate communication in MNC or in international agency house.
2 years ago | Project Management, | Research | Taipei
Field-based position responsible for developing and enhancing professional relationships with healthcare professionals. Provides scientific, technical and pharmaco-economic information to customers. May also deliver medical education an clinical support to nurses and other medical professionals.