Survey | The 2022 Workplace Childcare Support Study in Taiwan

By National Taiwan University & Seek and Find Social Enterprise

We are inviting you to take part in a cross-industry research survey on “Family-friendliness in Taiwanese Workplaces”. It is a first in Taiwan, and the timing to conduct this research is crucial—as the possible future impact of the issue is irreversible.

Taiwan has been faced with the gravest social challenges at both the individual level and the corporate ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) level—The birth rate in Taiwan ranked the 2nd-to-last globally in year 2021-2022, while the postpartum depression rate was among the top. Furthermore, among Taiwanese divorcees, as high as 1/3 have only been married for under 5 years. Employment-wise, Taiwanese businesses have encountered the highest talent shortages in the world. By 2025, elderly citizens over age 65 in Taiwan will exceed 20% of the population. These challenges illustrate so urgent need of reducing work-family conflicts.

Based on our research team’s 2020 APEC Award winning study, Taiwanese men and women do not show any gender differences on the issue of work-family conflicts. However, our research finds that one group that suffers the most work-family pressure is the parents with young children aged 0 to 6.

This anonymous survey contains four sections—Business’ current practices, personal views on family-friendliness in workplaces, personal perceptions on their workplaces, and the business/personal background information (anonymous). It will take about 6 to 10 minutes to complete the surveyWe recommend answering these questions on a desktop browser over a mobile browser for faster experience.

The findings of this research study are expected to be published by Q1 2023. If would like your experiences or opinions to be included verbally to make our research more complete, please leave us your contact information. This way our research team can contact you for a 10-15 minute-long, anonymous phone interview. For requesting a written format of our research and research abstract, please leave us your email address.

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2022 台灣職場友善育兒研究:台大 x 得人社企 協力