Regent Taipei Presents Decadent Seafood Rice Dumpling Feasts! Pre-Order Before April 30th to Enjoy an Early Bird Discount

The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the most significant celebrations in Chinese culture, and no celebration is complete without rice dumplings. This year, Regent Taipei is putting a unique twist on the traditional duck egg and pork rice dumplings by offering a range of delicious seafood rice dumplings. Our revamped and mouth-watering rice dumplings are now available for order until June 18th at the hotel's restaurants or through the "Take Regent Home" e-commerce platform at Prices start at $880 NTD per set or $280 NTD per piece, and customers who pre-order before April 30th can enjoy a 10% discount. Don't miss out on the chance to indulge in these exquisite new rice dumpling sets this Dragon Boat Festival!


Executive chef of Silks House, Wu Haiming, has created two delectable Cantonese-style rice dumplings “Silks House Luxury Rice Dumpling Gift Set” and “Silks House Treasure Rice Dumpling Gift Set” for the ultimate food enthusiasts. The “Silks House Luxury Rice Dumpling Gift Set” draws inspiration from the cooking techniques of Hong Kong’s “Poon Choi” and combines premium ingredients like whole abalone, Kanto sea cucumber, Iberico ham, fish maw, Hokkaido cod crab, scallops, red quinoa, chef’s famous homemade oyster sauce, pork belly, chicken leg meat, red quinoa, salted egg yolk, chestnut, lotus seed, winter mushroom, and more. This ultimate hearty 600-gram rice dumpling can be shared among four people and is priced at $8,800 NTD. 


The “Silks House Treasure Rice Dumpling Gift Set” features one savory “Abalone & Fish Maw Rice Dumpling” and two sweet “Matsutake Mushroom Rice Dumpling” and “Bird’s and Taro Rice Dumpling”. Our sweet “Matsutake Mushroom Rice Dumpling” consists of matsutake mushrooms, morel mushrooms, porcini mushroom, shiitake mushrooms, and the nutritious superfood red quinoa and flaxseeds. The rice is cooked slowly, resulting in a smooth and creamy texture that perfectly complements the savory mushroom filling. Our other sweet “Bird’s Nest and Taro Rice Dumpling” features top-quality bird’s nest and chef’s special taro paste filling that is sweet and smooth, providing a delightful contrast to the chewy rice. This gift set includes one 400-gram savory rice dumpling and four 150-gram sweet rice dumplings, all for the price of $3,580 NTD. Order now and experience the unique flavors of Hong Kong’s classic delicacies!


Introducing our range of rice dumpling gift sets that are perfect for any occasion! Our "Regent Champion Rice Dumpling Gift Set" is a collection of our five classic award-winning rice dumplings: the Champion Abalone Rice Dumpling, Truffle Beef Rice Dumpling, Bamboo Shoot and Fresh Meat Rice Dumpling, Eight-Treasure Taro Rice Dumpling, and Purple Rice and Bean Paste Rice Dumpling. Additionally, our "Regent Champion Abalone Rice Dumpling Gift Set" that is sold annually now includes the newly launched Shanghai-style red yeast rice dumpling. This delicious creation was inspired by the chef’s grandmother’s braised pork recipe and features succulent pork belly and tender abalone cooked in red yeast rice sauce. For those who prefer mini versions, we have our "Regent Classic Mini Rice Dumpling Gift Sets" that includes 3 flavored mini rice dumplings - Mung Bean Rice Dumpling, Peanut Rice Dumpling, and Traditional Rice Dumpling. Each flavor contains 4 dumplings and is perfect for satisfying your rice dumpling cravings!

Regent Champion Abalone Rice Dumpling.jpg

Regent Classic Mini Rice Dumpling Gift Sets.jpg

Looking for a luxurious and visually stunning dish to add to your Dragon Boat Festival Feast? Look no further than our newly launched "Deluxe Lobster & Abalone Glutinous Rice Set". This giant dish, weighing in at a whopping 1.5 kg, features Australian lobster, South African abalone slow-braised with chicken broth and chef’s oyster sauce, shredded mushrooms, pork, and squid paired with chewy glutinous rice. Don’t miss out on this decadent feast – order your set today for only $4,880 NTD!

Regent Taipei Rice Dumpling Gift Set Information:

Product Name



Michelin-Recommended Series

Silks House Luxury Rice Dumpling Gift Set


Based on the concept of the Hong Kong "Poon Choi" dish, which gathers various premium ingredients and has received praise from foodies, the dish includes a variety of luxurious seafood such as abalone, sea cucumber, Hokkaido crab, Iberian ham, Middle Eastern white flower fungus, and scallops. When consumed, it is paired with the chef's homemade oyster sauce. The rich ingredients and glutinous rice blend perfectly, showcasing a culinary experience that is both visually and taste-wise enjoyable.

$8,800 NTD/set

Silks House Treasure Rice Dumpling Gift Set


& 150g/4)

Contains five rice dumplings: one Abalone & Fish Maw Rice Dumpling, two Matsutake Mushroom Rice Dumplings, and two Bird’s Nest and Taro Rice Dumplings. These dumplings feature top-quality Cantonese ingredients such as matsutake mushrooms, morel mushrooms, porcini mushrooms, and bird's nest. The filling also includes "red quinoa," a type of nutritious superfood. A stylish Regent Taipei cold storage bag is included as a limited edition gift for the Dragon Boat Festival.

$3,580 NTD/set

Classic Champion Series

Regent Champion Abalone Rice Dumpling Gift Set


Our head chef mixes fragrant and chewy glutinous rice with braised pork sauce and seasonings, and wraps it with premium ingredients such as fresh 6cm-long, 30-gram abalone, tender Matsusaka pork, savory and delicious dried shrimp and shiitake mushrooms, sweet chestnuts, lotus seeds, and creamy salted egg yolks to create the classic champion abalone dumpling. The new flavor, the Shanghai-style red yeast rice abalone dumpling, is inspired by the cooking method of chefs Grandma's Red Braised Pork in Shanghai. It is made by carefully braising fatty and lean pork belly and tender abalone with red yeast rice sauce. The shiny glutinous rice combined with the meat and abalone, creates a mouth-watering mix of land and sea.

The Dragon Boat Festival is usually close to the dates of major exams for students and is named after the abalone dumpling in Chinese “Bao Zhong”, which symbolizes good luck and success.

$1,280 NTD/set

Regent Champion Rice Dumpling Gift Set

(140~300g each/5)

Contains one Champion Abalone Rice Dumpling, one Truffle Beef Rice Dumpling, one Bamboo Shoot and Fresh Meat Rice Dumpling, one Eight-Treasure Taro Rice Dumpling, and one Purple Rice and Bean Paste Rice Dumpling. It also comes with a limited edition Regent Taipei cooler bag for the Dragon Boat Festival.

$1,580 NTD/set

Regent Classic Mini Rice Dumpling Gift Sets


Contains 4 pieces each of three classic mini dumplings from Fucheng:

  1. Mung Bean Rice Dumpling – Chef’s carefully selected mung beans have the effect of cooling and detoxifying, and is combined with ingredients such as pork belly, egg yolk, and shiitake mushrooms.
  2. Peanut Rice Dumpling - Carefully selected peanuts from Yunlin, full of flavor and texture, add a local Taiwanese flavor to the fragrant and sticky mini dumplings.
  3. Traditional Rice Dumpling - Selected ingredients such as pork belly, salted egg yolk, shiitake mushrooms, and peanuts with a combination of lean and fatty meat, wrapped in soft and chewy glutinous rice, creating a traditional southern-style dumpling with a nostalgic flavor.

$880 NTD

Single Item Rice Dumpling

Truffle Beef Rice Dumpling


Tender Australian wagyu beef cheek is stewed with rich ingredients such as beef broth, port wine, onions, celery, and carrots to infuse the flavors. Then, the fat and plump fresh mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, and enoki mushrooms are deep-fried until crispy and golden, and stir-fried with dried shallots and pepper for seasoning. Finally, the stewed wagyu beef cheek and premium black truffle are ingeniously wrapped in a rice dumpling to present a delicious Western-style taste that lingers in the mouth.

$380 NTD

Bamboo Shoot and Fresh Meat Rice Dumpling


Carefully selected fatty and lean pork belly is fried until golden and crispy, and then slowly simmered with scallions, ginger, coriander, star anise, and peanuts to infuse flavor. Then, fresh and crispy green bamboo shoots are added on top to complete this savory and satisfying delicious rice dumpling.

$320 NTD

Eight-Treasure Taro Rice Dumpling


Features the popular Chinese New Year dessert, Eight Treasure Sweet Taro Paste. First, the taro is peeled and steamed until soft and fragrant, then mashed into a paste and mixed with sugar and coconut milk. The paste is spread evenly over a layer of glutinous rice mixed with shredded taro, and then filled with red bean paste, along with eight other treasures such as red dates, lotus seeds, raisins, sweetened red beans, soy beans, winter melon strips, and Jinhua ham. The result is a silky and delicate texture reminiscent of satin, with a rich and fragrant taro flavor.

$280 NTD

Purple Rice and Bean Paste Rice Dumpling


Selected black glutinous rice, which is rich in iron, is blended with sticky and chewy glutinous rice. It is then paired with a special sweet and light red bean paste filling, resulting in a delicate and smooth texture. When served cold, it makes for a refreshing summer dessert.

$280 NTD

Gift Box Takeout

Deluxe Lobster & Abalone Glutinous Rice Set


The design concept for this product is based on the popular lobster and abalone rice cake from the banquet at the Regent Taipei. The rice cake is filled with the aroma of the ingredients, and on top of it, a whole Australian lobster, chewy South African abalone, golden shredded scallops, sweet chestnuts, and other ingredients are layered. This delicious and generous cuisine makes it a top gift choice during the Dragon Boat Festival.


(Please place order at least six days before pickup as this set is made fresh)

$4,880 NTD/set




The order date for the above gift sets is from now until June 18th (delivery will start on May 15th),
Pre-order before April 30 and enjoy a 10% discount.

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