June Business Briefing: Updates in Taiwan

UK-Taiwan Organics Equivalence Memorandum of Understanding

The UK and Taiwan have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on organic products, enabling mutual market access for organic goods that meet each other’s standards. Signed by John Dennis of the British Office Taipei and Vincent Chin-Hsiang Yao of the Taipei Representative Office in the UK, this agreement covers organic processed foods made from crops and livestock. It marks a significant step in UK-Taiwan trade relations, promoting sustainability and rural development. The UK’s organic market is now valued at over £3 billion.

For the official press release issued on 22 May 2024, please refer to:
UK-Taiwan Organics Equivalence memorandum of understanding - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)


Report Highlights Opportunities for UK Tech in Taiwan’s Semiconductor Sector

The UK-APAC Tech Growth Programme report reveals significant opportunities for UK companies in Taiwan's semiconductor industry, which constitutes 12% of Taiwan's GDP. Taiwan seeks to overcome challenges such as energy supply constraints, talent outflow, and competition. The report identifies areas for UK involvement, including compound semiconductors, manufacturing equipment, and resource management. UK companies can leverage their expertise in intellectual property and innovative solutions to enter this growing market. The programme supports UK tech firms in understanding the market, building connections, and securing partnerships in Taiwan and other APAC regions.

You can view and download the report for free here.


The 2024 Taiwan-UK Collaborative R&D Programme is now open for applications!

Innovate UK is investing £5 million to co-fund the second round of this programme with Taiwan's Department of Industry and Technology (DoIT), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). UK and Taiwanese companies and R&D institutes are invited to apply for funding for their joint innovative R&D projects.

Does your business have an innovative plan and want to collaborate with a Taiwanese partner? The UK-Taiwan Collaborative R&D 2024 is open for applications until 17th July.

Details are accessible at: https://www.moea.gov.tw/Mns/populace/news/News.aspx?kind=1&menu_id=40&news_id=114188


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