HSBC Taiwan relocates head office to Taipei 101, marking a brand new milestone

Pictured left to right: CEO of the European Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan, British Office Taiwan Representative, COO of HSBC Taiwan, CEO of the British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei. gathered for a group photo. (BCCTaipei photo)


Our member, HSBC Bank (Taiwan) Limited celebrated the relocation of its head office into Taipei 101, the tallest building in Taiwan, on 12 May, 2022. The relocation marks a brand new milestone in HSBC’s business development in Taiwan. It has also highlighted the fact that Taiwan is one of the priority markets for HSBC in Asia, a strong demonstration of HSBC’s long-term commitment to Taiwan as well. 

Adam Chen, President and CEO of HSBC Taiwan, said while HSBC has contributed to the progress and prosperity of the Taiwan economy over the past 38 years, HSBC will continue to make contributions to Taiwan's economic development in the years to come. He stressed that as Taiwan has abundant assets and skills from various industries, Taiwan is well positioned to become the leader in developing a sustainable economy in Asia. Starting 2020, HSBC has provided US$2.1 billion of ESG-related financing in Taiwan as of the end of the first quarter this year. It has also completed over 40 transactions related to sustainable finance during the same period of time. HSBC has been actively supporting clients and the society to seize the opportunity to transition to a low-carbon and sustainable development. Chen added that this year is an extremely significant year for HSBC, including the successful relocation of the Taiwan head office. With a world-class office environment, Taipei 101 has been attracting top enterprises at home and abroad to move in. Relocating to a newer and higher office location marks the beginning of HSBC's next phase of developments.

Going forward, HSBC will continue to expand its business in personal banking, corporate banking, markets and securities services, as well as asset management. By leveraging its unique global network, expertise and vision, HSBC strives to achieve its strategic goals, including sustainable finance, wealth management and enhance its digital platforms. HSBC will also make good use of its unparalled global footprint to help bridge Taiwan's financial markets with the international community, and support clients to open up business opportunities around the world. HSBC is committed to becoming a net zero bank by 2050 and will reach net zero in its operations by 2030. In Taiwan, driven by the bank’s efforts, last year it has saved energy of 135MWh in operations, and purchased more than NT$20 million of green mark products. Recently, HSBC Taiwan also won the ESG Friendly Gold Award from the Taiwan Architecture & Building Center for its green building loan scheme. Chen said that the bank has invested a lot of efforts in its relocation, in a move to create an environmentally friendly workplace that is not only environmentally conscious, but also makes its employees feel comfortable. Relocating to Taipei 101, a Platinum certified building under the LEED certification system, is in line with HSBC’s sustainability goal. After moving to Taipei 101 from the previous location at the International Trade Building, the bank’s electricity and water consumption, as well as waste management, will significantly be improved, accelerating carbon footprint reduction in office operations.

Chen pointed out that the pandemic has redefined the way companies operate around the world, and that the workplace of the future will no longer be confined to the general office, but will instead be a place of training, social interaction and collaboration. The new HSBC head office will include multi-functional collaboration spaces, focus rooms, social interaction areas, among others, providing a more mixed and flexible working environment. More open spaces also suggest more cross-team communication and connectivity, supporting hybrid or home-based working arrangement for employees, which will create a diverse and more efficient working environment to help staff better serve customers. In terms of space design, the new head office applies HSBC’s visual identity of red and white colors. Simple and modern, the design concept incorporates Taiwanese elements to convey professionalism and efficiency, unveiling a new chapter and a new future with a brand new look.

HSBC Bank (Taiwan) Limited HSBC Bank (Taiwan) Limited, a locally incorporated subsidiary of The Honking and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, began its operations in May 2010, with its headquarters in Taipei. HSBC’s presence in Taiwan dates back to 1885 when The Honking and Shanghai Banking Corporation appointed an agent. A full-service branch was established in Taipei in 1984. HSBC currently operates through 30 branches across Taiwan.