How does TCI commit to Net Zero through RE100?

By Remi Lee

TCI is a contract manufacturer of dietary supplements, functional drinks and skincare products. It has a significant standing behind notable brands with its cutting-edge "Integrated Bioscience Design", creating a one-stop innovative business model. As Asia’s most prominent ODM leader for functional drinks, TCI has successfully sold to over 56 countries and received numerous awards. TCI's customers include the world's top 10 direct sales companies and top 5 beauty brands, such as Sephora and the LVMH group. 

Dedication to sustainability

TCI believes a green energy solution is the way forward to combat climate change. 

RE100, The Climate Group, welcomed TCI's commitment. In the global market, green manufacturing is the future, and manufacturers have a clear role to play. It's not just about cost-saving, but creating a cleaner world for our customers and their families. TCI is devoted to sourcing 100 percent of electricity from renewables by 2030 and has already reached the 30 percent target in 2020.

In addition to joining RE100, TCI has taken other actions to embrace sustainability, with environmental stewardship throughout the supply chain. TCI’s factory in southern Taiwan was awarded a LEED Silver Certification from the US Green Building Council (USGBC), it has also installed solar panels on its own rooftops. Using this energy-saving strategy, TCI has managed to reduce electricity consumption in this facial mask factory by 65%, water usage by 30% and carbon emissions by 30%, as promised to the RE100 initiative.

TCI is aware of the problems surrounding climate change and has participated in numerous international initiatives. In addition to being the first company in Taiwan to be invited to join RE100, this climate ambitious biotech manufacturer has also attended major climate summits, for example the U.N. World Climate Summit (COP24) in 2018 and the Climate Week NYC 2019, where we shared our achievements in sustainability, circular economy, and green factories in the iManufacturing Center. 

On Earth Day 2021, it was recognized by the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) as "committed" to aligning its actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the RE100 initiative. In addition, TCI continues to study renewable energy procurements and talks with APPA to reduce carbon footprints.

Sustainability is the core of TCI. By championing leadership on health, climate, renewable energy and areas where education resources are scarce, TCI seeks to engage consumers in SDG12: "Responsible Consumption and Production." Our goal is to use our products to contribute to sustainable consumption.