46% of businesses in Taiwan have recruitment plans amid stimulus push

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Over 40% of companies in Taiwan are launching hiring drives as the government prepares to give out vouchers to boost the economy, according to a survey by job bank yes123.

The poll, based on 946 valid samples collected between Aug. 25 and Sept. 6, found that 46.6% of the country's businesses are expanding their workforce, adding both full and part-time employees.

The average number of firms with recruitment needs in August crawled up 8.9% compared to the past two months, according to the survey findings. Manufacturing, healthcare, and accommodation and dining are the top three sectors looking for new blood.

Despite an upturn in employment momentum for industries involved in domestic demand, travel and recreational sports businesses are still struggling with a limited number of vacancies, yes123 noted.

Meanwhile, a separate survey released this week by the job bank 104 suggests that 57% of companies in the country are not implementing pay raises next year. Any pay hikes will hinge on how business fares, said 70% of the respondents, in addition to factors such as talent retention and competitiveness in the job market.