2023 Better Business Award Green Energy Winner – Deutsche Windtechnik's Practices and Innovations

In an era characterised by an increasing emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility, the British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei launched the Better Business Awards to celebrate companies and individuals who integrate innovative and sustainable practices into their operations and significantly benefit society.

Among seven award categories, the "Green Energy Award" specifically recognises companies in Taiwan that are actively promoting the application and development of renewable energy. The award not only considers the company's contributions to the renewable energy industry but also includes its impact on sustainable development, business strategies, and the broader community.

2023 Green Energy Winner - Deutsche Windtechnik

In 2023, Deutsche Windtechnik, with its proactive performance in wind power operation and maintenance services and talent development in Taiwan, won the "Better Business Green Energy Award." Through an in-depth interview with Hao-Wei Chiu, the Country Manager of Deutsche Windtechnik in Taiwan, we look forward to learning more about Deutsche Windtechnik's business strategies and hope these insights will encourage more companies to engage in sustainable operations and social responsibility practices.

Founded approximately 20 years ago in Germany, the company has cemented its reputation as a leading specialist in the operation and maintenance (O&M) of wind turbines. With a presence in over ten countries and a dedicated workforce of more than 2,200 employees, Deutsche Windtechnik's strategic decision to establish its first Asia-Pacific venture in Taiwan in 2018 has been a testament to its visionary approach to global expansion and sustainability. 


Embracing Local Talent and Engagement 

Deutsche Windtechnik's venture in Taiwan showcases its dedication to local talent and engagement. The company has successfully cultivated a robust team of over forty local employees, including around thirty skilled engineering technicians. This homegrown team embodies the company’s promise of delivering high-quality service and plays a crucial role in the operational excellence Deutsche Windtechnik is known for. By prioritising local hiring practices, Deutsche Windtechnik not only exceeds the requirements of Taiwan's bidding regulations but also fosters a culture of community engagement and development. 

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A Foundation of Core Values 

The ethos of Deutsche Windtechnik is built upon three fundamental core values: professionalism, safety, and reliability. These values are more than just words; they are the pillars that guide every operation, decision, and innovation within the company. Professionalism is reflected in the unparalleled expertise and dedication of its team, ensuring that all services are executed with precision. Safety is paramount, with stringent protocols safeguarding the well-being of employees and communities. Reliability underscores the commitment to sustainable energy production, ensuring wind farms operate at peak efficiency. 

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Recognised Excellence: BCCTaipei’s Better Business Award 

The significance of Deutsche Windtechnik’s contributions to Taiwan’s renewable energy landscape was formally recognised when it was awarded the BCCTaipei Better Business Award in the Green Energy category. This accolade not only highlights the company’s devotion to the advancement of renewable energy technologies in Taiwan but also its pioneering role in promoting sustainable business practices. For Deutsche Windtechnik, this award is witness to the collective efforts of its team and serves as a motivation to continue setting industry benchmarks. 

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Commitment to Sustainable Growth and Education 

Addressing the renewable energy sector's skilled worker shortage, Deutsche Windtechnik has proactively engaged with local educational institutions through MOUs and internship programs. These initiatives aim to cultivate a new generation of professionals in the renewable energy field, ensuring the sector's enduring growth. By aligning its efforts with its core values, Deutsche Windtechnik is not only contributing to the native talent pool but is also playing a pivotal role in the global transition towards renewable energy. 

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Charting the Future of Renewable Energy 

The journey of Deutsche Windtechnik in Taiwan is an undeniable narrative of innovation, sustainability, and community engagement. The recognition from BCCTaipei reflects the company's steadfast dedication to excellence in renewable energy. Looking ahead, Deutsche Windtechnik remains dedicated to advancing sustainable wind energy solutions, inspired by the vision of a greener, more sustainable future. With its core values as a guiding light, Deutsche Windtechnik is set to continue pioneering in the renewable energy domain, powering forward with resilience, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to the planet.