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Company Description: Mott MacDonald has been contributing to project developments in Brazil for nearly 40 years. Today, we’re adding value in the country’s energy, transport, health, education, industry, and environment sectors. Expanding our role in environmental engineering for infrastructure development, Mott MacDonald has acquired environmental consulting firm Habtec Engenharia Ambiental, based in Rio de Janeiro. Habtec has been operating principally in the energy, mining, and transport sectors for over two decades. The company’s project portfolio includes various environmental impact studies, compliance support, monitoring projects, and environmental education programs for Petrobras, BG Brasil, Shell, Vale, Furnas, Repsol Sinopec, OGX, and others. Bringing Habtec into the Group gives us a base from which we can offer clients the full range of Mott MacDonald services. Our earlier track record covers a range of infrastructure projects such as the Rodoanel highway São Paulo Concession, the São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro metros, Rio-Niteroi bridge, the Pernambuco power project, and the Campinas and Mogi Mirim highway. Transport In the transport sector, we’ve been involved in designing and planning tolling systems over a number of privatized road networks, and in advising highway franchise companies on traffic flow data and financial modeling. We designed and assisted with construction supervision for highway communications systems for the two major westerly routes out of São Paulo, and helped develop a control center to provide maintenance and rescue services on 118 miles (190 kilometers) of highway. Water A key example of our role in the region’s water sector involved helping develop culturally appropriate guidelines for sustainable groundwater resource management. Targeted at subsistence farmers and local communities, the project focused on empowering community representatives in monitoring and managing groundwater. Power To help meet the country’s increasing demand for electricity, we conducted technical and environmental reviews on the 226-megawatt Ibiritermo combined-cycle gas turbine power plant in southeast Brazil for a group of international governmental and commercial banks. We also reviewed the project during the operation phase. Industry and mining We've helped a number of clients obtain permits, consents, and authorizations to implement successful projects. We provide a range of specialist services for the industry sector, including environmental control and monitoring and stakeholder engagement. Oil and gas Our team undertakes various studies and develops effective environmental programs to support compliance. We've obtained permits for seismic research, drilling, production, and pipe flow of oil and gas pipelines and terminals. Environment Our values reflect our drive to seek sustainable outcomes, and the respect we hold for the environment and communities. Our policies commit us to integrate environmental considerations into all our activities from environmental management and conservation to restoration and sustainable developments.
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