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Company Description: Established on 23 October 1961, the Taiwan Stock Exchange (the TWSE) adheres to one vision, circulating securities and helping the economy to prosper. To enhance Taiwan’s economic prosperity and strengthen national development, we are dedicated to assisting companies to list on the capital market and expanding their operational scale. We are also committed to ensuring corporate information transparency, maintaining fair trading mechanisms, and diversifying our range of financial products. We have continued to excel in our role as the central matching platform and worked tirelessly to strengthen national prosperity and public advancement. Looking to the path ahead, the TWSE focus and priority are to synergize Taiwan’s economy and forge new opportunities for growth. Therefore, we closely monitor international trends and practices while concurrently offering superior services and products to innovate our market. Established on 23 October 1961, TWSE has been adhering to one vision, circulating securities and prospering the economy, aiming to inject momentum into the economy. With the development of the securities market, the channel between national savings and investments is fully unblocked to supply the funds needed for the development of diverse industries, and promote the economic growth. Under this vision, TWSE strives to achieve two missions, enabling easier fundraising for enterprises and ensuring safer investments for the public. Moreover, TWSE employs three strategies, more transparent corporate information, fairer trading mechanisms, and more diversified financial products, to continuously develop the functions of the securities market in greater breadth and depth. This is to establish a trading system and investment environment corresponding to international standards, to ensure the safety and order of trading, to expedite the development of new financial products and meet diversified investment needs. Considering the characteristics of the domestic securities industry and the needs of economic development in Taiwan, TWSE will carry out the four duties of serving the market, introducing innovative products, expanding market scale, and forging international alliances. Furthermore, TWSE will stay abreast of international trends and practices, and never lose sight of the five opportunities of new products, new mechanisms, new markets, new information and new competition, to manage future competition and challenges. (For more comprehensive and real-time information on the TWSE, please visit website:
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