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Company Description: International Community Radio Taipei is Taiwan’s only English language radio station, providing music, news and information 24/7. ICRT’s mission includes serving the international community in Taiwan and forging a cultural link with local residents. ICRT is operated by the Taipei International Community Cultural Foundation (TICCF). The foundation is non-profit, and ICRT does not receive any government funding. Instead, it relies on the generous support of corporate sponsors, and from revenue generated through related events and activities. ICRT is committed to serving the public, and provides many services free of charge to worthy community organizations and events. ICRT broadcasts from studios in suburban Taipei. There are two broadcast studios, one for FM (music and DJs) and one for News. There are also two production studios where nearly all of ICRT’s unique programming is produced. We have transmitter sites covering all of Taiwan; broadcasting at 100.7 megahertz in northern and southern Taiwan, 100.1 megahertz in central Taiwan, and 100.8 in the Chiayi area. ICRT programming focuses on music, news, emergency announcements, community information, and entertainment. Our primary mandate is to serve the expatriate community in Taiwan, which constitutes about 5% of our audience, and to act as a cultural bridge to our local audience, which makes up the other 95%. ICRT officially began broadcasting at midnight on April 16, 1979. The station was formerly part of the US military’s Armed Forces Network Taiwan (AFNT).
Company Products/Services: Island-wide radio broadcasts, featuring music, news, weather, information, and entertainment.
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