Talent Development Workshops

Talent Development Workshops


The monthly Talent Development Workshops are hosted by our Organisation & People Development (OPD) Committee. This helps businesses in Taiwan to be ready for the future of work and succeed in a complex and fast-changing business world.

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Talent Development Workshop 2023 | Events Gallery

Global Issues: How to have a Meaningful Discussion about Globalisation in English (16-Feb)  


💡Brian Mc Closkey, General Manager, NextGen Corporate Language Training

This interactive workshop, delivered in a supportive learning environment, combined insights into global business communication style with the communication skills and professional language needed to engage in meaningful discussions about globalisation. Trainees collaborated to share ideas about the pros and cons of globalisation. They learned to present ideas in a structured way using language that is in line with global standards in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Climate Fresk: A Scientific, Collaborative, and Creative Workshop to Learn about Climate Change (23-Mar)  


💡Agnès Pondaven, CEO, Qualibri Consulting

This workshop, in only 3 hours, provided participants with a fundamental understanding of the science behind climate change to empower them to take action as global citizens. Climate Fresk is a powerful tool for providing a quality climate education. The workshop was designed to help participants understand the problem first before taking action, with a scientific, collaborative, creative, and fun approach. Tailored to the audience, the event was accessible to anyone who wanted to learn about climate change and take action to build solutions.

How to Make a Strong Professional Introduction & Socialise in Business (13-Apr)  


💡Brian Mc Closkey, General Manager, NextGen Corporate Language Training

In the workshop, participants learned how to prepare a compelling introduction that positioned them as confident individuals. They also learned how to share appropriate information without sharing too much and how to add value and provide insights that engaged with others. The workshop taught participants how to describe themselves in an engaging and interesting way that generated conversation. They also learned how to use an assertive communication style when introducing themselves and how to avoid common mistakes Taiwanese professionals make when introducing themselves professionally. Finally, the workshop covered how to engage in social conversations in business situations.

Learn How to Communicate your Value and Contribution at Work (18-May)  

LINE_ALBUM_TD workshop May 2023_230518_0

💡Brian Mc Closkey, General Manager, NextGen Corporate Language Training

The workshop taught participants to fill out their LinkedIn profile thoroughly. They were instructed to use action-oriented language and problem-solving skills when communicating their value from the perspective of their manager. The workshop also covered how to connect their skills and contribution to positive outcomes for an organisation. Additionally, they were shown how to describe their contribution at work, highlighting their skills and explaining how these skills added in the organisation. Furthermore, the workshop taught them how to use powerful communication strategies to emphasise strengths while minimising weaknesses. They also learned how to describe weaknesses using positive, strategic language that demonstrated future potential. Finally, the workshop advised them on how to avoid making common mistakes that undermined careers and damaged prospects.

How to Lead a Virtual Meeting or Conference Call in English (15-Jun)  

LINE_ALBUM_TD 0615_230615_0

💡Brian Mc Closkey, General Manager, NextGen Corporate Language Training

In the workshop, trainees learned how to structure and lead the participants through a virtual meeting using concise, detailed, and practical language. The workshop focused on teaching participants various skills and techniques to effectively conduct meetings. Attendees learned about using a communication framework to start meetings in a structured manner, how to set the tone, as well as how to handle attendance and absences at the beginning of virtual meetings. The workshop also covered the importance of managing introductions professionally and effectively describing meeting objectives and expected outcomes. Participants were taught how to guide attendees throughout the meeting and bring it to a successful conclusion. Additionally, the workshop provided guidance on reviewing action points from previous meetings and managing the agenda. The session concluded with instruction on how to summarise and review the topics covered, while highlighting action points for future follow-up.


Talent Development Workshop 2022 | Events Gallery

Appreciative Inquiry - A strengths based approach to change management (17-Mar) 


💡Ralph Rogers, Director, British Council Taiwan

During the event, we explored the limitations of traditional deficit-based change management and discovered the power of Appreciative Inquiry. This approach focuses on leveraging an organization's past successes to create a brighter future. We discussed the five phases of Appreciative Inquiry: defining the topic of inquiry, discovering past achievements, collectively envisioning the future, designing actionable ideas, and implementing them.

Getting Things Done (1-Sep) 


💡Ralph Rogers, Director, British Council Taiwan

'Getting Things Done' or 'GTD' is a personal productivity methodology that redefines how you approach your life and work. Our productivity is directly proportional to our ability to relax. Only when our minds are clear, and our thoughts are organized, can we achieve effective productivity and unleash our creative potential.
During this session, Ralph Rogers, Director Taiwan, British Council, described GTD in theory and practice and shared how he had personally used it to increase his productivity, decrease his anxiety, and transform the way he worked.

 Communication Skills for Career Development: How to Communicate your Value and Contribution (22-Sep)


💡Brian Mc Closkey, General Manager, NextGen Corporate Language Training

The event addressed the challenges of effective communication, emphasising the significance of structured and concise expression. We explored clarity of thought, organisational abilities, and effective idea transmission. Valuable insights and practical examples were shared, teaching attendees how to deliver compelling messages, be assertive and proactive in conversations, avoid common communication mistakes, enhance leadership communication skills, and manage conversations to maintain a leadership role.

Perfect for all professionals, this event provided strategies to present themselves professionally and effectively communicate their value in various contexts, such as job interviews and collaborations with international colleagues or customers.

A Pathway to Promotion: how to use communication skills to position yourself for promotion (27-Oct) 


💡Brian Mc Closkey, General Manager, NextGen Corporate Language Training

This workshop highlighted the difference between communicating as an employee and communicating as a leader, offering strategies and techniques to position oneself as a leader through effective communication. Participants gained insights into global communication best practices, learned to avoid employee-like communication styles, and understood the value of providing insights and adding value. We explored the benefits of a proactive communication style focused on delivering results and emphasised the significance of clear structure and concise language to enhance productivity. 

The event was targeted at Taiwanese professionals in international environments, who recognised the importance of improving their communication skills for career development in multicultural settings.



Talent Development Workshop 2021 | Events Gallery

 How to Be Assertive - Communication Skills for International Business (14-Jan)

💡Brian Mccloskey, General Manager and Lead Trainer at NextGen CLT
💡Laurence James, Partner & Senior BD Manager at NextGen CLT

This event focused on the essential aspects of professional representation and effective communication in international business. Attendees gained valuable insights into creating positive impressions, establishing credibility, and navigating interactions with international partners.

Our expert speakers provided practical tips and strategies to adeptly handle questions, avoid misunderstandings, and navigate challenges in conference calls, business meetings, and interactions with foreign customers. The event fostered skill expansion, networking opportunities, and boosted confidence in cross-cultural business interactions. 

Leading in an Agile World (18-Mar)

Photo 2021-3-18, 4 11 21 PM

💡Florian Rustler, Founder and Coach of Creaffective Asia

In today's digital age, companies face constant change and uncertainty, requiring leaders to embrace new approaches for success. The 2-hour training explored how leadership must evolve to support entrepreneurial thinking and empower employees, providing participants with insights on leading in an agile world.

Key take-aways included understanding leadership in complex environments, identifying when agile leadership is relevant, reflecting on personal implications, and gaining knowledge of new leadership practices.

Win-win Negotiations (15-Apr)

Photo 2021-4-15, 4 41 43 PM

💡Adam Malste Senior Teacher, Adults Courses at British Council Taipei

During our session, we explored how language and cultural differences in negotiations can affect communication effectiveness. We stressed the importance of navigating talks to ensure satisfaction among all parties. Developing strong negotiation skills offers numerous benefits, such as fostering better relationships and collaboration with diverse individuals, increasing profitability, and achieving long-lasting quality solutions.

Key takeaways encompassed understanding cross-cultural factors, enhancing communication techniques, gaining insight into perspectives, and learning practical strategies for successful negotiations.

The Need for Inclusion [Online Session] (17-Jun)


💡Jimbo Clark, Founder of innoGreat Consulting Ltd.
💡Justina Liaw, Facilitator and Program Designer, Taiwan at Q3global

The event highlighted the importance of true inclusion beyond diversity measurement and mandates by addressing Unconscious Bias. Our brains unconsciously process a vast amount of information, leading to filters that influence our decision-making. These filters sometimes result in status quo thinking rather than embracing diverse and inclusive solutions.

To address this, the workshop introduced the BOX tool, allowing participants to map their unconscious biases, identify gaps in their thinking, and consciously adjust for better relationships, teamwork, and results.

The workshop enabled participants to create a model of their own biases, understand how their thinking impacts others, develop new conscious thinking patterns, and create actionable steps for fostering inclusivity. The globally recognised Inclusion Box methodology has been successfully implemented in multiple countries.

Workplace Communication - Influence as a Cross Cutting Theme (19-Aug)

Photo 2021-8-19, 5 50 59 PM

💡Terry Rogocki, Head of Training and Development at Lado Management Consultants

This interactive workshop aimed to enhance the communication and influence skills across a range of stakeholders. Debunking the myth that influence is reserved for skilled leaders, this event helped participants develop their 'influential edge' regardless of their role, position, communication style, or medium.

The workshop focused on everyday workplace situations such as presentations, emails, meetings, negotiations, and conflicts, offering practical techniques and insights. With a breakdown into four sections, participants engaged in theory, discussions, and short scenarios to build essential skills and explore the impact of culture, personality, and identity on influencing outcomes.

Developing Persuasive Skills to Gain Buy-in for your Ideas and Proposals 

Photo 2021-9-16, 4 05 21 PM

💡Brian Mccloskey General Manager and Lead Trainer at NextGen CLT

The workshop equipped seasoned managers with essential skills to lead discussions, manage expectations, overcome obstacles, and persuade others to support their plans and proposals. Participants gained invaluable insights on utilizing assertive communication, inclusive and collaborative language, and empathetic understanding. They also explored effective communication techniques to handle objections and hostile questions, while mastering the art of storytelling to craft compelling narratives that inspired support for their initiatives.

Change Management 3.0 (21-Oct)


💡Florian Rustler, Founder and Coach of Creaffective Asia

During the workshop, we emphasised the pressing need for organisations to adapt quickly and effectively amidst uncertainty. We highlighted the remarkable skills and mindset of entrepreneurs, who excel at generating innovative solutions in complex conditions. By integrating their thinking logic into change management strategies, pioneering organizations are reshaping the approach to organizational change, known as Change Management 3.0. Through real-life examples and a dynamic 2-hour session, participants gained a comprehensive understanding of Change Management 3.0 and its practical applications.

Key takeaways included the importance of a different approach to change management, the four principles of entrepreneurial thinking, and their effective application in change management practices. We hope attendees left feeling inspired and equipped to navigate change and uncertainty in their professional journeys, remembering that learning extends beyond the event itself, fostering ongoing growth and adaptation.