IEAT Wine & Liquor Expo

IEAT Wine & Liquor Expo


Food & Drink Trends: Whisky & spirits

Taiwan is one of the top consumers of whisky per capita in the world. According to the Taiwan Alcohol Beverage Association, in 2021, domestic whisky only accounted for 7% of Taiwan's overall whisky consumption market by volume, with imported whisky making up the rest. The UK is the largest whisky supplier to Taiwan by both value and volume, accounting for 93.5% of total imports by value in 2021 – a total of GBP 381.9m. Taiwan is the third-largest market for UK whisky exports, behind the US and France. 

Up-and-comer: UK Wines

Taiwan's wine market is highly dependent on imports, with import volume accounting for 96.3% of total consumption in 2021, reaching 21.7m litres. France, the US, Italy and Australia dominate Taiwan's imported wine market, accounting for 83.7% of imports. According to the UK Food & Drink Federation, the import value of UK wine to Taiwan reached GBP 7.7m in 2021, making wine the UK's 3rd highest F&B export product by value to Taiwan.

Source: Bureau of Foreign Trade, Intralink research



BCCTaipei 2022 IEAT Wine & Liquor Expo

(12-December, 2022)





After the debut of the UK booth at 2021's IEAT Wine & Liquor Expo, the British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei (BCCTaipei), together with the British Office Taipei, is delighted to host the UK booth at the IEAT Wine & Liquor Expo 2022, showcasing 8 UK companies eager to distribute their products in Taiwan.

Taiwan is already the UK's third biggest whisky export market behind only the US and France and presents further significant opportunities for UK companies in the beverage sector. Each year, the International Wine & Liquor Promotion event organised by the Importers & Exporters Association of Taipei (IEAT) brings together 70 merchants to present fine wine and liquor selections from 27 countries, attracting more than 1000+ professional buyers and has become the largest and only trade show for wine professionals in Taiwan.

This year, with the help of our Event Supporters, we're bringing 8 fantastic new tastes to Taiwan!

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