Diversity Award




This is aligned to aspirations at the Standard Chartered Bank and GlaxoSmithKline to be the organisations recognised as taking a leading role in international approaches to equality, diversity and inclusion.

The following diversity dimensions have been identified as global common areas of focus:

• Gender: To engage all genders in our continued support and progress towards gender equality

• Nationality & ethnicity: To have a workforce representative of our client base and footprint

• Generations: To leverage generational experiences to increase innovation and deliver products and services for employees and clients at various life stages

• Disability: To be a disability confident organisation with a focus on removing barriers and increasing accessibility

• Sexual orientation: To provide support, enable individuals to bring their whole selves to work and be appreciated for who they are and what they bring to the organisation

• Diversity of thinking: To enhance innovation as well as enable groups to reduce risks




Judging Process and Criteria

Submissions are assessed by our Judging Panel of leading experts based on the following criteria:

  • Diversity Embedded in Company Value and Culture
    • Clear company vision and culture that embraces diversity
    • Set of values articulated and embedded in the services/products, policies, and code of conduct  
  • Making a Leadership Contribution to Diversity
    • Level of leadership involvement and how they championed diversity through notable actions, role model behaviour and “walking the talk/talking the walk” approach
    • Quality of the leadership-driven efforts- whether it’s sustained, consistent, open for inputs, and creates clear outputs that others can learn from
  • Innovation in Diversity
    • Creative and effective approaches that raise awareness on the value of diversity, tackle discrimination and marginalisation, and engage more stakeholders
    • Broaden the scope of diversity and inspire people within and outside of the organisation to take actions
    • Inclusive and open approach that allows for constant improvement and replicable results


BBA 2021


*Note: In order to ensure fairness and diversity of awards, the winner of last year cannot reapply for the same award this year, but can apply for other award categories. However, this regulation does not apply to finalists. 

If you have any questions, please email info@bcctaipei.com or dial T: +886 (2) 2720 1919