Lado Business English Specialists

Lado Business English Specialists


With 30 years of experience in Taiwan, Lado is the established leader in corporate business English training. Our highly experienced team of trainers (averaging 15 years in the field) delivers measurable results, underpinned by a deep understanding of local business needs. We customize training with precision, integrating AI tools and practical simulations to ensure your workforce excels in real-world business communication scenarios.

Lado goes beyond traditional language instruction. Our robust assessment suite empowers you with data-backed insights about your team's progress. We combine cutting-edge technology with real human expertise, streamlining the training process through dedicated client management.

Ready to elevate your organization's global communication and achieve tangible business success? ​ Contact Lado today and discover how our expertise can transform your workforce's English proficiency.

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  • Customized business English training and coaching
  • Customized courseware designed for your LMS
  • Data-driven progress tracking
  • Language proficiency testing and benchmarking"                


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