Books for prisoners - Giving prisoners the chance to read, learn and rebuild their lives

For foreign prisoners in Taiwan, books really can change lives! You may be surprised how limited of BC prisoners can access foreign books in Taiwan prisons. Additionally, most of non-Mandarin speaking prisoners are particularly find difficulty to be selected joining qualification courses (e.g. Open University or GCSEs), and have limited opportunity to join vocation education in prison (e.g. bakery, bricklaying, painting, etc.). 

Books provide vital opportunities for education, skills and qualifications to equip people for life after release, as well as much needed leisure reading.

Your support for prisoners

Currently we have prisoners under our consular support, their identities and language abilities are substantially diverse – English, Mandarin, and Nepali. When we visit them in person will carry 3 books for each person. Besides, we also deliver some magazines monthly. However, none of a book are funding by our budget but purely from your support, including office’s magazine subscriptions.

Now we are facing a serious book shortage again either English or Mandarin books. Furthermore, we have stopped subscribe magazines, which was one of Mandarin books sources. Therefore, we are eagerly inviting you or your friends to help us provide prisoners with donations of books!

If you have books to donate, we would be grateful if you contact us. Before you bring in, there are rule of prison books you may need to know:

What books you allowed in prison?
  • Paperbacks only (very important!)
  • Books in reasonable condition
  • Magazines
  • Newspaper
  • Comic books
What books you are not allowed in prison?
  • Hardcover books (why? It can be a weapon in prison!)
  • Books with written notes, highlighting, stickers or tags.
  • Books with nude photos, spiral bindings, criminal and violence
  • Books for children/teenage

Give your books a second life! 

If you’re unsure what books can you donate please feel free to contact us