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Full Time
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JOB TITLE: Marketing & Member Relations Manager


This role suits someone with 3-5 years working experience looking to develop their marketing skills across social, online, print, and relationship marketing, and across all industry sectors. Routine administrative duties are also involved, as the coordinator of the overall marketing and member relations programmes. Reporting to the CEO, and working closely with Membership, Trade and Events departments for promotion of the Chamber, the successful applicant will support Chamber Objectives.

Key Objectives of the Role:

  1. Ensure that pre-defined quantitative and time-based targets for all communications from the Chamber go out to the required audience accurately, including but not limited to social media posts, weekly newsletters, events notifications, news and other regular, or ad hoc, communication.
  2. Arrange all Chamber marketing collateral and promotional material such as name cards, notebooks, posters, invitations, and accurately maintain the brand presence of the Chamber in all communication.
  3. Ensure that Chamber communication tools such as the CRM (Membership and Events Management) system and website are maintained and up to date with events, past and future, contacts, current and old, and make full use of these tools to assist the Corporate Relations Team (Events and Membership Retention) in the running, promotion, and follow-up of all events.

Key Responsibilities

Marketing and Member Relations Functions                             

Managing Media

    • CRM
      • Together with other members of the Chamber, manage and maintain all member and mailing information in the CRM
      • Manage and maintain all event information on the CRM and website including:
        • Event content
        • Speakers
        • Tags
        • Times
        • Sponsors
        • All other appropriate content
      • Manage new membership joining process in conjunction with the Membership team with regard to new member welcoming process on marketing channels (social media, newsletter, email, welcome letter…etc.)
      • Maintain lists of contacts for Marketing and Communication purposes including
        • Board members
        • Chamber Members
        • Subscribers
        • Industry lists
        • Position lists
        • Event type lists
        • Government lists
        • Other lists as required
    • Website
      • Manage and maintain all BCCT Website content including but not limited to:
        • Member Benefits
          • Negotiated
          • Recorded on web and in CRM
        • Picture galleries of events
        • Events
        • Advisory Group list
        • SEOs
        • Membership Directory
        • News section
          • Pro-actively reach out and Manage member list for news and content sharing to all media
          • Publish member and other articles daily
          • Maintain and develop member content streams for news
          • Maintain tags and headings for all news
          • Promote and link news to weekly newsletter
          • Contact members for job board/member events/publishment/Ads
    • Email marketing
      • Weekly newsletter
      • Weekly mail shot (for single events or other purposes)
      • Invitations
      • Other mail shots as required
    • Print marketing
      • Event marketing and event use
      • Member marketing
      • Printed invitations where required
      • All other printing
    • Social Media Marketing
      • FB
        • Daily posts
          • Connected to the 5 facets of BCCT mission
          • Repost and share appropriate content from members and or followed accounts
        • Events posts
          • Pre
          • During
          • Post
        • Grow followers to target levels set by management
      • Twitter
        • Weekly/daily posts
          • Connected to the 5 facets of BCCT mission
          • Repost and share appropriate content from members and or followed account
        • Events posts
          • Pre
          • During
          • Post
        • Grow followers to 2000
      • LinkedIn
        • Daily posts
          • Connected to the 5 facets of BCCT mission
          • Repost and share appropriate content from members and or followed account
        • Event posts
          • Pre-
          • During
          • Post-
          • Where events are connected to professional development
        • Grow followers to target levels set by management
      • Instagram
        • Develop a Programme as appropriate
        • Grow followers to target levels set by management
    • Gifts and items
      • Manage production of all budgeted and bespoke gifts and BCCT promotional items
      • Manage production of other items, as required by BCCT
    • Events
      • Support Events Team/Manager, as directed, in coordination and production of events
    • Purpose-made Videos
      • Create and/or manage the production of Promotional Videos
      • Create and/or manage the production of all major Event Videos

The Marketing “Mission”

In the performance of these functions the position holder should ensure that their work is performed in the context of the overall mission of the chamber ensuring that it supports the following across all our media:

    • Sponsor value
    • Event promotion
    • Member support
    • Trade promotion between UK and Taiwan
    • UK and Taiwan Promotion
    • Responsible business
    • Development of Advocacy and Government engagement

Media relations

  • As part of the overall responsibility the Marketing & Member Relations Manager should develop media contacts for events, press releases and other Chamber activities across the industries we represent.

Member relations

  • Develop and implement a schedule of routine member engagement leveraging the CRM.
  • Actively promote BCCT within the business community in Taiwan, and advise members, and non-members, on all aspects of the Chamber’s services to help create and develop new membership opportunities and promote membership benefits.
  • Work closely with the Corporate Relations Team (Events) colleagues to support and promote visits by inward trade missions and VIPs for industry-related seminars and business networking events, and also arrange other business-focused events.
  • Work closely with the CEO, and Corporate Relations Team to identify business introductions and referrals to current members.
  • Facilitate relations between British businesses and BCCT members with government and industry bodies in Taiwan. 
  • Report on activities and all matters pertaining to the role to line manager and BCCT colleagues.
  • Support development of a strong sales pipeline to ensure a steady line of prospective members.

Other responsibilities

  • To communicate regularly with BCCT team on overall needs, outsource if needed, and delegate tasks to interns, as and when required.
  • Attend to other administrative and other ad hoc duties as directed by management.

Personal Attributes and Key Skills

  • Excellent communication skills in English and Mandarin required
  • Ability to work on own initiative and operate under time pressure
  • Ability to create workflows and business plans according to company agendas
  • High level of proficiency with MS Office suite, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook
  • Proficiency with design skills and Adobe Creative Suite is preferable
  • Attention to detail and a high level of professionalism required
  • Professional Appearance - Office Dress code is Business attire.
  • An established business network of Taiwanese and international professionals is an asset.