We co-create the future with you!

creaffective is a consulting, coaching and training organization that supports its customers to be continuously innovative and able to quickly and effectively adapt to changing circumstances.

Together with our clients we work to transform and develop organizations on various levels (processes, structure and decision making, collaboration and mindset) towards more innovation, agility and more effective collaboration in a fast-changing world.

creaffective is a self-organized company with offices in Munich and Taipei. We are a laboratory for new ways of working and continuously try and test new approaches. We work with customers worldwide in English, German and Mandarin.



  • Facilitation of large and small groups using innovation methods such as Design Thinking, Systematic Creative Thinking, Business Modelling, Lean Startup to create new workable solutions for any kind of open-ended challenges such as developing new products, services, business models and strategies.
  • Trainings around aspects of creative-thinking, innovation, agility and self-organization. Using innovation tools and methods, Effectuation, Sociocracy 3.0., Holacracy.
  • Sparring and / or coaching of groups or individuals related to our core topics
  • Consulting on the topics of innovation culture, innovation strategy, innovation management, agility, self-organization and decentralized leadership and decision making.


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