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The Value of Premium Content

Corporate Communications and PR professionals face more and more challenges while monitoring media coverage and reporting sentiment and share of voice. With more news and channels than ever, keeping track of developments across all channels becomes more difficult. These tasks need more time and resources, as well as immediate response and reaction. Only those communicators with premium tools and resources can stay on top of everything and gather significant business advantages.

In addition to the volume of news and information arriving on all channels, it is also critical to pay attention to the quality of the content:

  • Working with accurate and reliable content sources is the highest priority, especially in today’s “post-truth” age.
  • The information has to be timely—old, outdated news content does not provide additional value when looking for insights and perspectives. Moreover, it can mislead the readers, suggesting that old facts are still valid and appropriate.
  • Last but not least, the data has to be complete—missing out on crucial facts or not using all the known data—could result in inaccurate conclusions.

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