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TAIPEI TIMES – HSBC Investing In Local Communities and Youth

Over the past decade, HSBC Taiwan Ltd (匯豐台灣商銀), in cooperation with Eden Social Welfare Foundation, has been investing in local communities, children and youth to cultivate local creative talent.

HSBC Holdings PLC is focusing on future skills as a key component of the bank’s sustainability strategy, supporting customers, employees and communities, to help them gain the investment knowledge and technical know-how that they need to be successful in today’s globalized world.

Since 2009, HSBC Taiwan has donated more than NT$42 million (US$1.423 million) to Eden Social Welfare Foundation.

Working with the foundation, HSBC has accompanied nearly 30,000 children as they grow up, helping them to develop the skills they need to become the next generation of “local creatives.”

On Wednesday, the foundation and HSBC Taiwan held a news conference titled: “Come together and grow up with love.”

HSBC Taiwan chief executive officer Adam Chen (陳志堅), foundation chief executive Lin Wen-bin (林文賓), Providence University social work and child welfare department assistant professor Tao Fan-ying (陶蕃瀛) and Pastor Taru Rusa of the Miaoli chapter of the Presbyterian Church attended the conference, speaking about the growth and development of the children and local communities.

“Since HSBC was founded, it has endeavored to contribute to the long-term development and prosperity of communities, concentrating on assisting workers and the community to improve job-seeking skills,” Chen said.

“We fully endorse the Eden Social Welfare Foundation ‘elephants’ project and are grateful for the opportunity to be the ‘matriarch elephant’ in its community support networks, nurturing the children living in remote communities and helping them grow from ‘baby elephants’ to healthy adults,” Chen said.

“Part of this process is to invest in projects to advance these young adults’ career development, helping the community to develop along with them,” he said.

“Hopefully, these young adults will later return to their hometowns and help develop creative talent within the local communities,” he added.

“The foundation’s ‘elephants’ project is not intended to provide a solution for the community; its goal is to bring in specialist partners and professional expertise from a variety of fields to facilitate community development, giving the children in those communities more choices for their future,” Lin said.

With community development and the sustainable, mutual good at its core, the project would apply professional expertise to enriching and broadening the services offered in the community, and to help local economies thrive, he added.

Last year, HSBC donated more than US$9.6 million in total to non-profit partners around the world to promote financial management skills, and a further US$26 million to cultivate job-seeking skills, helping more than 810,000 people worldwide.

News Source : Taipei Times