The Guardian | ‘We were made for this’: the women starting businesses in lockdown

Despite the economic gloom, many female entrepreneurs are seeing opportunities during the pandemic It may not appear the most auspicious time to start a business. Britain has been in lockdown for five of the past 11 months. The economy shrank almost 10% last year. Unemployment is skyrocketing. But Lucie Halley-Trotter is undeterred. This year she […]

Women In STEM Received Some Overdue Recognition In 2020

Kiona N. Smith Contributor 2020 was a great year for recognizing the achievements of women in science and engineering. Here are a few of the year’s long-overdue nods to women who made science history. Vera C. Rubin Observatory The National Science Foundation started the year by naming an upcoming large ground-based observatory after astronomer Vera Rubin. […]

Forbes – Higher Confidence Is Not The Key To Women’s Career Advancement

Julia Wuench | Contributor, ForbesWomen A new study published in the Australian Journal of Labour Economics shows that, contrary to common advice given to women, increased confidence does not increase women’s success at work. The study found that “while promotion rates do not differ significantly between men and women [in the group studied], the characteristics associated with job […]

Women in Business- 2 Scientists Awarded Nobel Prize In Chemistry For Genome Editing Research

Jennifer A. Doudna Emmanuelle Charpentier The Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded this year to Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna for their work on “genetic scissors” that can cut DNA at a precise location, allowing scientists to make specific changes to specific genes. “This technology has had a revolutionary impact on the life sciences, is contributing to new cancer […]

35 Women Under 35 2020: Britain’s brightest young business leaders

As the UK heads towards the worst recession for decades, these talented young businesswomen will be helping to rebuild the economy and rebalance the scales. by Kate Bassett For the past 20 years, Management Today has made it a mission to fight for gender equality in business. It all started with the annual 35 Women […]

The number of women running Fortune 500 companies hits a new high

Written by : Courtney Connley The number of women running Fortune 500 companies has hit a new record, according to this year’s Fortune 500 list. Currently, there are 37 women leading Fortune 500 firms, an increase from last year’s 33 women, which at the time, was a record high.  This new addition of women is the result […]

Female workers will be harder hit by coronavirus disruption, report warns

Analysis by Close the Gap found pre-existing inequalities mean women – particularly those in lower-paid roles – will be harder hit than men Disruption to the labour market caused by the coronavirus pandemic will have a disproportionate impact on women, according to a new report. Analysis by Close the Gap, a Scottish advocacy group for […]