Participating In Conference Calls

ABOUT THIS EBOOK People like face-to-face meetings because it’s easy ‘to read’ others in theroom. As most of our communication depends on non-verbal communication,when you are in the same room you can easily see how others react to youand to what you are saying. Do they understand? Do they agree? Are theyinterested? You can see […]

NextGen-The Challenges Facing HR In 2020

This ebook is designed to provide HR professionals with the main points and key language taken from our training seminar, ‘The Challenges Facing HR in 2020’. This seminar is one of the seminars in our Communication Skills for HR Professionals training program. The content includes an article on 6 Human Resource Challenges. The content is […]

Business Communication Skills: Disagree politely and professionally in Business

As a native English speaker who has been doing business in Asia for many years, I understand that it can be difficult for my Chinese and Taiwanese colleagues to express disagreement in another language. It can be stressful and frustrating when you aren’t sure how to disagree professionally. What if you use language that isn’t […]