KPMG- European banks and COVID-19 : Impacts on 2020 Q3 results

Ewa Bialkowska Director, KPMG IFRG Limited (UK) In our previous blogs, we reported on the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the expected credit losses (ECL) disclosed by a selection of large European banks (Q1 reporting to 31 March 2020 and half year to 30 June 2020) and five Canadian banks (half year to 30 April 2020). Here, we look […]

KPMG Announces It Will Be Net-zero Carbon By 2030

Focusing on delivering growth in a sustainable way and providing climate solutions for member firms, clients and society. Written by: Jennifer Samuel, Director, Global Communications, KPMG International KPMG has today announced its intention to become a net-zero carbon organization by 2030, as part of its continued focus on delivering growth in a sustainable way and […]

Purpose: A Lifeline To Survive In The New Reality

Jane Lawrie, Leadership |  Dramatic change was already going to be a hallmark of the 2020s, but no one could have predicted that a global pandemic would have caused the economic and societal destruction we’ve witnessed these past months. It has forced leaders across the world to focus on why their company does what it does, according […]