GOV.UK – Radical shake up to government export finance support for small businesses

UKEF launches the General Export Facility in partnership with UK’s leading commercial banks. UK Export Finance New scheme to give exporting SMEs access to working capital they need to recover from COVID-19 Government can provide an 80% guarantee on financial support from lenders to support general exporting costs, up to the value of £25 million […]

British Office in Taipei – UK Travel Advice updates from 10 July

針對英國與台灣雙向旅行之重要資訊   前往英國:即日起,從台灣入境英國全境的旅客在到達英國時不再需要自我隔離。這適用於入境英國各地,包括英格蘭、蘇格蘭、威爾斯與北愛爾蘭地區。如果您入境英國前,曾到訪或過境不在英國免隔離清單中的國家或地區,您則仍然需要在到達英國後進行14天的自我隔離。您可以在英國政府官方網站GOV.UK的“入境英國” (Entering the UK’)頁面找到最新免隔離清單的連結頁面:    英國人前來台灣:英國政府針對台灣旅遊建議已有最新之更新,以反映台灣之最新入境相關規定。目前所有計畫入境台灣並具備合格旅遊證件的外國人士都必須在登機前出示前三個工作天內所取得之 #COVID19 核酸檢驗陰性報告,始得入境台灣,並配合居家檢疫14天。如果您是外僑居留證 (ARC) 或外僑永久居留證 (APRC) 持有人,則在返回台灣時,得免檢附COVID-19檢驗陰性報告,但仍需配合居家檢疫 14天。   台灣防疫旅宿:如果您打算在抵達台灣後在旅館進行14天的自我檢疫,則應在登機前就先完成旅宿訂房,並與該旅宿提供者確認其房間是否可以符合台灣檢疫規定。由於近來入境台灣的旅客數量增加,對可接待自我檢疫的旅宿需求量也相對增加,您可能會發現很難在短時間內找到適合旅宿。有關台北市政府指定之防疫旅館列表,請見台北市政府防疫旅館常見問題解答頁面:  如果您打算住在台北市以外的旅館,則可能需要在預訂或作旅行最後安排前與該旅館所在地之相關當局聯繫。有關更多防疫旅宿資訊與聯繫方式,請查看台灣觀光局的“台灣旅宿”網站:    如果您人已在台灣並且需要更多相關台灣防疫訊息,請聯繫台灣疾病管制署 (Taiwan CDC)或 “台灣外國人幫助” 熱線電話0800-024-111。 Important information for British nationals in Taiwan: Travelling between the United Kingdom and Taiwan. Travelling to the UK: Travellers entering the United Kingdom from Taiwan are no longer required to self-isolate on […]

BCC- Support available from UK government

The 2020 Budget announced a plan to provide support for businesses affected by Coronavirus. These measures were supplemented with further UK government responses. For further information and clarification, view the Coronavirus FAQ’s here. HMRC is delivering a programme of webinars on the measures to support employers and self-employed individuals through this period of disruption caused by […]

Travel advice: coronavirus (COVID-19)

Guidance for British people travelling and living overseas during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Published 4 February 2020 Last updated 18 March 2020 — see all updates From: Foreign & Commonwealth Office Exceptional travel advisory notice The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) now advises British people against all non-essential travel worldwide. This advice takes effect immediately and applies initially for […]

Virus Outbreak: UK to boost measures after coronavirus cases jump

‘CALL TO ARMS’: The new measures could see people older than 70 told to stay in isolation for up to four months, a broadcaster said, as the death toll doubled to 21. The British government was expected to accelerate efforts to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak after confirmed cases in the country surged much faster than expected, […]