UK GOV – Coronavirus (COVID-19): travel corridors

You do not have to self-isolate on arrival in England if these are the only places you have been to or stopped in during the previous 14 days. Coronavirus regulations mean that you must self-isolate for 14 days if you return to the UK from a country outside the common travel area. The government is satisfied that it is now […]

BCCT’s Financial Weekly with 10x Wealth Management (Scott Kingsley)

Think you already know how to use and calculate compound interest? Check out this exercise created by Next Gen Personal Finance and see how you do. There are also many other free personal finance lessons available in the activities section of their website. WHAT IS COMPOUND INTEREST? Simply put, it’s interest on interest. In the first compounding period, that […]

BCCT’s Financial Weekly with 10x Wealth Management (Scott Kingsley)

Rash decisions risk hurting unadvised retirees during pandemic By Robbie Lawther, 8 Jun 20 The coronavirus pandemic has been difficult for governments to negotiate, trying to get the right balance between kick-starting the economy and keeping people safe. These big decisions are not just being made by politicians and medical professionals, everyday people are also […]

Female workers will be harder hit by coronavirus disruption, report warns

Analysis by Close the Gap found pre-existing inequalities mean women – particularly those in lower-paid roles – will be harder hit than men Disruption to the labour market caused by the coronavirus pandemic will have a disproportionate impact on women, according to a new report. Analysis by Close the Gap, a Scottish advocacy group for […]

BCC Coronavirus Business Impact Tracker: Firms ready to embrace ‘new normal’ but government support must adapt

Results from the latest BCC Coronavirus Business Impact Tracker reveal that firms are ready for a gradual reopening of the economy but will need continued, adaptable government support during a phased return to work – Over 70 per cent of respondents have furloughed a portion of their staff – Nearly three quarters of these firms have submitted a claim to the […]

BCCJ – Responses to COVID-19: Japan, Taiwan and Korea

Written by Sterling Content British Chamber of Commerce in Japan (BCCJ) members learned of responses to COVID-19 in northeast Asia on April 27 via another multi-nation webinar. Representatives of the Japan, Taipei and Korea chambers of commerce shared details of government activity and business sentiment in their respective countries in the interactive session. Taiwan With […]

BCC- Support available from UK government

The 2020 Budget announced a plan to provide support for businesses affected by Coronavirus. These measures were supplemented with further UK government responses. For further information and clarification, view the Coronavirus FAQ’s here. HMRC is delivering a programme of webinars on the measures to support employers and self-employed individuals through this period of disruption caused by […]

EY – How can your industry respond at the speed of COVID-19’s impact?

By: Shaun Crawford , EY Global Vice Chair – Industry Our regularly updated perspective on the pandemic’s impact across nine industries, actions leaders should take and questions to push your thinking. The global spread of COVID-19 is impacting all industries in all directions. While headlines surround customer uncertainty and the visible disruption of production and […]

BCC Coronavirus Business Impact Tracker: More than 70 per cent of firms surveyed have furloughed staff as scheme goes live

Results from the latest BCC Coronavirus Business Impact Tracker reveal that the vast majority of businesses surveyed have furloughed a proportion of their workforce, and are awaiting funds from the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme as payday approaches for many. 71 per cent of survey respondents have furloughed staff, up from 66 per cent last week Cash flow remains a significant concern for many businesses – 6 in 10 have less than three months’ cash in reserve The leading business organisation’s weekly […]