BritCham Singapore – 5 Top Tips for MarComs during COVID-19

The Marketing & Communications Committee of the British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore is delighted to bring you a more in-depth look into their top 5 tips for businesses during COVID-19. REVIEW & UPDATE YOUR CONTENT SEND TARGETED EMAILS LEVERAGE SOCIAL MEDIA RUN ONLINE WEBINARS HOST VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS From video strategies, conferencing applications to social media platforms, […]

The New Job of PR: Protect (& Promote) Reputation With Big Data

In the complex media ecosystem that communications professionals must navigate, reputation is less about placement in earned media than it is about listening, analyzing and optimizing to control and shape brand messaging. In The New Job of PR: Protect (& Promote) Reputation with Big Data, communicators will gain an understanding of: The role of big […]

The Value of Premium Content

Corporate Communications and PR professionals face more and more challenges while monitoring media coverage and reporting sentiment and share of voice. With more news and channels than ever, keeping track of developments across all channels becomes more difficult. These tasks need more time and resources, as well as immediate response and reaction. Only those communicators […]

Business Communication Skills: Disagree politely and professionally in Business

As a native English speaker who has been doing business in Asia for many years, I understand that it can be difficult for my Chinese and Taiwanese colleagues to express disagreement in another language. It can be stressful and frustrating when you aren’t sure how to disagree professionally. What if you use language that isn’t […]