CommonWealth Magazine – How renewable energy infrastructure could accelerate Asia’s green future

Renewable energy infrastructure poses one of the largest investments and development opportunities in Asia in the next 10 years. Solar and wind power have already proved their effectiveness in the region while also future-proofing the energy supply in Asia. In coming years, there will be significant opportunities in both developing and developed economies for green […]

CommonWealth- The Top Taiwanese App Company You Never Heard Of

Many have installed a PDF reader in their smartphone, but few people know that one of the most popular of these apps comes from a Taiwanese company based in Tainan. Why has it thrived when many others have failed? By Joyce Lin After stepping off the bullet train at Tainan station and grabbing a ride through […]

CommonWealth Magazine – Taiwan Top 50 Business Groups: 20 Years Later, Who’s In and Who’s Out?

CommonWealth Magazine has released its first survey of Taiwan’s biggest business groups since 2000. The changing face of the Top 50 rankings over the past two decades mirrors Taiwan’s rapidly evolving economic landscape, with some man-made disasters thrown in. CommonWealth Magazine released its first Taiwan Business Group Top 50 in 2000. This year’s new survey of […]

Announcement: BCCT forms news sharing partnership with CommonWealth Magazine

The BCCT is pleased to announce that the chamber has formed a news sharing partnership with CommonWealth Magazine. Under the new cooperative agreement, the BCCT will publish selected CommonWealth Magazine articles in the News section of our Website as well as social media. In return, CommonWealth Magazine will cite selected content from BCCT’s members or […]