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Refinitiv acquires strategic assets from Advisor Software Inc

Provider of financial markets data and infrastructure Refinitiv today announced the acquisition of strategic assets from Advisor Software Inc. (ASI).

ASI’s technology is interoperable and cloud enabled and will be integrated into the recently launched Refinitiv Digital Investor.

The acquisition of ASI’s assets represents Refinitiv’s commitment to building out its digital wealth management solutions. The ongoing transformation within the wealth management industry is the result of customers seeking compelling and curated digital experiences. This shift has impacted the way in which customers communicate with advisors and in turn created a market for digital advice models where clients communicate via digitalized and automated channels.

ASI’s assets provide Refinitiv with a complete digital advice platform that enables tax-aware portfolio rebalancing, Monte Carlo-based progress-to-goal tracking, cash flow and portfolio analysis, investment modeling, and proposal generation. ASI also offers a series of lean, portable APIs that are customizable and fully-brandable to enable a wealth management firm to construct its own digital advice experience. With these tools financial institutions, wealth managers and advisors can deliver advice in a more flexible, efficient and scalable way.

Refinitiv has a rich history of servicing the Wealth Management industry from front to back office. Over the last year, the firm has invested heavily in the business. The ongoing transformation includes building out the firm’s solutions through strategic acquisitions such as Scivantage.

Credit for article: Finance Feeds