The Treacherous Water of Trade Compliance

With one regulatory change occurring every 12 minutes on average in financial sectors, demand for a more digital, joined-up approach that enables trade finance institutions to manage regulatory intelligence and risk more effectively has never been higher. Financial institutions play an important role in international commerce but failure to comply can result in crippling enforcement […]

Dow Jones- It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad world of Sanction

In May, the United States Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) released extensive new guidance on what constitutes an effective sanctions compliance program. Coming amidst a complex sanctions environment and an increasingly aggressive approach to enforcement, the guidance provides insight into OFAC’s views on the best practices that companies should follow […]

Dow Jones- Leveraging Data and Technology for Sanctions Compliance: OFAC’s “50 Percent Rule”

In this article, we will Detail the requirements of the OFAC 50% Rule. Give examples of firms that have been fined for not knowing that sanctioned parties owned significant parts of companies. Help you connect your organization’s risk policy to screening processes in order to reduce false positives when searching for potentially risky customers and […]

Featured 【HSBC Market Information】US & European stocks rose on buyout activity & cautious trade optimism

Key Takeaways US Q3 GDP growth was upwardly revised, while US October inflation came in lower than anticipated In the coming week, US payrolls, ISM surveys and German industrial data will be in focus US and European stocks rose amid buyout activity and cautious trade optimism US and European government bond yields little changed last […]

NextGen-The Challenges Facing HR In 2020

This ebook is designed to provide HR professionals with the main points and key language taken from our training seminar, ‘The Challenges Facing HR in 2020’. This seminar is one of the seminars in our Communication Skills for HR Professionals training program. The content includes an article on 6 Human Resource Challenges. The content is […]