Third-Party Risk: Going Beyond Jurisdiction as an Indicator

In this white paper, Anna Zsigmond, Due Diligence Specialist at Dow Jones Risk & Compliance describes why organizations should: move beyond jurisdiction as the sole consideration for risk-ranking; increase teams’ overlap with procurement or vendor management; and create joint approaches to continuously monitor third-party risk in the supply chain. Read Full Report Here.

New Approaches to Research: Empowering the End User

To help companies and organizations meet today’s research challenges, Dow Jones Factiva partnered with Jinfo to bring valuable ideas about empowering end users to information professionals. Robin Neidorf, Jinfo’s Director of Research, led the webinar, with insights and contributions from Dow Jones’ Sophie Russell and leading information and research professionals, from a professional services firm […]

Standard Chartered Bank Supports 2019 BCCT Diversity Award

為鼓勵多元與包容(Diversity & Inclusion)的文化及核心價值,渣打銀行今年贊助台北英僑商務協會(British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei, BCCT) Better Business Awards- Diversity Award多元文化獎,呼籲企業重視多元文化的重要性。 渣打銀行公共事務暨行銷處負責人陳穎勳表示,渣打集團一向重視多元與包容文化,集團內特別成立D&I委員會,將性別、國籍與種族、年齡、殘障以及性取向等列為推動D&I聚焦的面向。今年特別贊助BCCT Better Business Awards- Diversity Award,希望表彰在以上這些領域有傑出表現及貢獻的企業,共同推動企業多元與包容的文化。

Standard Chartered Bank Promotes D&I to Support CSR

打造「多元與包容」(Diversity & Inclusion,簡稱D&I)的新職場文化,近年來蔚為全球潮流,包括Apple、微軟、Netflix、eBay等世界一流企業,執行D&I行之有年。渣打銀行為了鼓勵推動多元與包容(Diversity & Inclusion)文化,贊助台北英僑商務協會舉辦Diversity Award多元文化獎,同時,渣打銀更把D&I文化,具體落實在企業社會責任上,協助弱勢青年圓夢,翻轉未來。   近年來,國外企業極力推廣「多元與包容」的新職場文化,強調尊重且保有個人差異性,透過多元與包容的企業文化,提升個人獨特性帶來的價值,讓員工產生自我認同及工作歸屬感。

Laura Wang, PCA Life Assurance Received 2019 BCCT Business Leader of the Year Award

卓越的企業仰賴傑出的領導力與企業文化,台北英僑商務協會(British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei, BCCT)25日舉行第三屆優良企業貢獻獎 (BCCT Better Business Awards)頒獎典禮,英國保誠人壽總經理王慰慈以其優異的領導力,獲得了「Business Leader of the Year」最佳企業領袖獎優選殊榮。 王慰慈自上任英國保誠人壽總座兩年多來,帶領員工努力不懈地開創新里程碑,積極促進公司Diversity & Inclusion多元融合文化、大舉發展數位轉型、投注公益落實企業社會責任,持續以優異的營運績效與多元化的商品創造亮麗的成績單。

GlaxoSmithKline Named Winner For 2019 BCCT Diversity Award

為推動多元與包容(Diversity & Inclusion)文化,渣打銀行贊助台北英僑商務協會舉辦 Diversity Award 多元文化獎,入圍企業包含 L’Oréal Taiwan 法國巴黎萊雅、荷商葛蘭素史克藥廠 GSK 以及 Womany 吾思傳媒女人迷,究竟 D&I 是什麼?為什麼各家企業開始關注? 渣打銀行為鼓勵及推動多元與包容(Diversity & Inclusion)文化,贊助台北英僑商務協會(British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei, BCCT)Diversity Award多元文化獎,昨(25)日晚上為頒獎典禮。(推薦閱讀:D&I 策略間|讓員工有歸屬感,企業高速成長的 D&I 你聽過嗎?)

Michael Page: Women In Tech – Our Status in STEM

As discussion around diversity and inclusion become increasingly prominent this year, the status of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is of particular interest. Although more women than ever are breaking into these historically male-dominated fields, there’s still a long road ahead. Michael Page spoke with 5 of our top female clients in […]

Market Updates from HSBC [August]

Signs that global growth was improving a few months ago have proved short-lived. Our global Nowcast is stuck at a level below our sense of trend growth. Read Full Report Here (English) Read Full Report Here (Chinese)   This report was presented to you by HSBC. This document has been issued by HSBC Bank (Taiwan) […]