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Increasing Asian demand for high-end Scottish whisky prompts a huge surge in prices and exports

Chinese restaurant diners ‘will only drink whisky over 18 years old’, said one Scottish dealer

Scotland is being “stripped” of its best whisky, dealers have claimed, amid a surge in demand from wealthy Asian collectors.

Enthusiasts from countries such as China, Taiwan and Malaysia are driving up the price of whisky by buying up high-end bottles, which are becoming increasingly fashionable in the Far East.

Dealers say the sharp increase in demand has resulted in whisky being viewed as an attractive investment for collectors the UK.

For example, a 40-year-old bottle of GlenDronach, a highland scotch, is now valued at around £2,500 when it cost about £250 in 2011, according to experts.

While bottles of Macallan Private Eye were priced at £37 per bottle in 1996 but sales of the now spirit now reach up to £5,000. Another recent 29-year-old cask of Macallan sold for an eye-watering £215,000, meaning each bottle created would be worth more than £1,000. 

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