The BCCT has established 3 industry specific committees to address key issues facing each respective working sector: Financial Services, Education & Culture & Consumer & Retail.  These committees are attended by BCCT member companies as well as a sector lead from the British Office and meet bi-monthly to synthesize important business and government issues particular to each industry.

Financial Services Committee

Committee Head: John Li, President & CEO, HSBC Bank (Taiwan) Ltd., & Francine Wu, CEO, Schroder Investment Management
Committee Overview: Comprised of member companies from various sectors such as banking and asset management, the Financial Services Committee will share collective input on key trends, events, and updates in the financial services industry and lobby important issues to regulatory bodies.

Education & Culture Committee

Committee Head: Shane Lipscombe, Founder, Shane English School, & Helen Chou, President & CEO, Charisma International Consulting Co., Ltd.
Committee Overview: The Education & Culture Committee will propose themes for BCCT Free Employee Workshops for the year and help recruit providers to host these workshops.  The committee will also devise ideas for cultural activities to promote UK culture and education.

Rail & Infrastructure

Committee Head: Matthew Bowe, Siemens
Committee Overview: The Rail & Infrastructure Committee will discuss updates, trends, new projects, and rail mission to the UK and Taiwan.  The committee will be a platform for info-sharing, lobbying, and engaging in dialogue with the government.  The committee will also hold events with industry speakers.

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