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A Leap Forward to Responsible Business in Taiwan

Local and International Companies named winners

at the British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei Better Business Awards.

The third annual Better Business Awards ceremony took place on the evening of September 25th at the Regent Taipei.  The awards were presented in five categories that demonstrate responsible business; Best Innovator in Healthcare, Best Business Leader, Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity and Social Enterprise.  The award sponsors and winners are Taiwan based Companies that have been dedicated themselves to development of Responsible Business.

2019’s winners are:

Best Innovator in Healthcare (award sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline Far East B.V., Taiwan Branch): Sense Innovation, Home Angel, and Duofu Care & Service

Best Business Leader (award sponsored by HSBC): Jay Chen, HENG LEONG HANG CO., LTD., Laura Wang, PCA Life Assurance CO. LTD., Revital Shpangental, Anemone Ventures LTD.

Corporate Social Responsibility (award sponsored by British Chamber of Commerce Taipei): Diageo Taiwan Inc.,  Standard Chartered Bank, Kimberly-Clark Taiwan.

Diversity (award sponsored by Standard Chartered Bank and British Council): GlaxoSmithKline Far East B.V., Taiwan Branch, L’Oréal Taiwan, Womany Media Group

Social Enterprise (award sponsored by KPMG): BuyNearby, Culture Art and Nature (CAN) Ltd., Sense Innovation

The Better Business Awards celebrates organizations and individuals that excel in different areas of Responsible Business.  Anthony Lin, Chair of the British Chamber of Commerce, stated “In 2019 we have expanded the awards to include two more categories Best Innovator in Healthcare and Best Business Leader to give opportunity to more organizations and individuals to demonstrate support for areas of good business and show long-term commitment to good corporate citizenship.”

Steven Parker, Executive Director of the British Chamber of Commerce, explains “The BCCT Better Business Awards originated from our passion for CSR.  The BCCT strongly believes that CSR should be built into the DNA of a company.  And we live what we preach; our CSR committee organises events to fundraise and donate to charities each year.  We have donated over 13 million NT dollars to local Taiwanese charities to date.”

The Best Innovator in Healthcare award went to Sense Innovation.  Head judge from GlaxoSmithKline Far East B.V., Taiwan Branch stated “ a winner came through for their commitment to using innovation to solve a problem that most of us take for granted – communicating with our family and friends. Sense Innovation won for the technology, education and training they bring to those with severe disabilities. Their innovation enables the recipients of their technology an opportunity to explore their potential and reconnect with those around them. A truly inspirational and moving service!”

The Best Business Leader award was presented to Heng Leong Hang. Head judge Niven Huang from KPMG Taiwan, stated the reason for winning is because of their consistent and comprehensive performance against the primary objectives of diversity, social enterprise, sustainability and enhancing cross border economic activity.

The CSR award went to Diageo Taiwan Inc. demonstrating how CSR should be a part of a company’s culture and business. The winner of the Diversity award was GlaxoSmithKline Far East B.V., Taiwan Branch as it has very strong internal diversity programme covering gender, age and inclusive trainings that made GSK a role model that is inspiring to others.

The Social Enterprise award went to Taiwanese company BuyNearby for their contribution to helping more than dozens of local farmers. 

The ceremony was opened by Catherine Nettleton, Representative at British Office in recognition of British and Taiwanese Companies carrying out Responsible Business in Taiwan in Healthcare, Leadership, CSR, Diversity and Social Enterprise.  Our keynote speaker, Dr. Li Chia-Wei quoted Dr. Cecilia Koo at the Botanic Conservation Center in stressing the importance of not only human diversity but also biodiversity in conserving tropical and subtropical plants.  

Another highlight at our 2019 Better Business Awards was the artwork presented by Legacy Lab International. These incredible designs are to raise public awareness about climate change and food insecurity, as well as critical issues such as the spread of diseases and financial market instability. Taiwanese Legislator Karen Yu also attended the event to show her support of Taiwan’s role in the global development of Social Enterprise.


About BCCT and Better Business Awards

  • BCCT is a membership organisation with 5 key pillars: Commercial interests, responsible business, promote UK, promote Taiwan, and government engagement.
  • The Women in Business Programme aims to raise awareness of the importance of gender diversity in the workplace in Taiwan through events and activities under three main themes: Educate, Connect and Celebrate.
  • BCCT celebrates Responsible Business in Innovation in Healthcare, Best Business Leader, CSR, Social Enterprise, and Diversity
  • Supporting Companies for the awards are; Best Innovator in Healthcare is GlaxoSmithKline Far East B.V., Taiwan Branch,  Best Business Leader is HSBC,  CSR is British Chamber of Commerce Taipei,  Diversity is Standard Chartered Bank and British Council, Social Enterprise is KPMG

Winners from 2018:

Corporate Social Responsibility Award Winner

L’Oreal Taiwan


Diageo, HSBC, PCA Life, Unilever

Diversity Award Winner



GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Pagoda Projects, Womany Network Co., Ltd

Social Enterprise Award Winner



Greenvines, Impact Hub, Twine, Ucarer Taiwan

Better Business Awards Ceremony Information:

Ceremony Date: September 25. 2019

Time: 6:30-9pm

Venue: The Regent Taipei 3F Ballroom

Media Contact:

Renel Hsu, BCCT,

Constance Chao, Media Plus,