2016 AGM and Board of Directors Announcement

The Chamber would like to thank everyone who attended our AGM on the 27th May at the Palais De Chine. The following is a brief summary of the minutes from the event, with a particular focus on the election of board members for 2016 / 18:

  • Chris Wood, Representative at the British Office, spoke about the thriving business developments between Taiwan & the UK in recent years, as well as the close cooperation and joint activities between the BCCT & the British Office.
  • Andreas Weckherlin, Chairman of the BCCT, shared his vision for the future of the Chamber, as well as how it will continue to serve its members here in Taiwan. Further into his speech, he reminded members of up & coming events, including the Simon Moore Luncheon (already very successfully hosted last week), and the CSR lunch, in conjunction with the British Office, which will take place on June 23rd.
  • Rich Smith, Treasurer of the BCCT, outlined the solid & sustainable financial status of the Chamber. In particular, how the Chamber has achieved a milestone of 6 months of operating expenses in cash reserves, a goal set 6 years ago.
  • Steven Parker, Executive Director of the BCCT, gave a summary of the events and programs put on by the chamber over the last year. Some highlights included: the thought leadership concept into Women in Business, CSR, and the multitude of talent development workshops throughout the year.
  • Damian Gilhawley was the winner of the raffle for the Emirates flight to the UK. The Chamber would also like to thank Emirates Air for supporting the AGM this year.


The Chamber would like to congratulate the BCCT Board of Directors for 2016/18:

  • Andreas Weckherlin: Chairman
  • Peter Tou: Vice Chairman
  • Richard Smith: Treasurer
  • Andy Ings: Membership Director
  • Elaine Salt: Director
  • Constance Chao: Director
  • Murray Bowler: Director
  • Marcus Clinch: Director
  • Chris Wood: Director
  • Reggie Wu: Director
  • Sam S.E. Ang: Director
  • Yating Wu: Director
  • Hope Ong: Director


The Supervisors for 2016/18:

  • Mike Cottingham
  • Paul Maloney
  • Toby Anderson

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